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About Vantigo

In 2013, Vantigo Owner and Co-Founder Erik Hormann turned his passion into his career. Vantigo provides tours of the San Francisco Bay Area, including sightseeing excursions, brewery tours and trips to neighboring Wine Country—all from the comfort of restored Volkswagon Buses.

Hormann grew up in a family of VW enthusiasts, and now considers himself very lucky to share his love for the vehicles—and for San Francisco—with others.

The Problem

The prior online booking provider Vantigo was using left a lot to be desired in terms of customer experience and efficiency. “Booking online required a lot of clicks for the customer,” said Erik Hormann, Founder and Owner of Vantigo, which he feared would discourage customers from completing their bookings.

Other challenges with his previous online booking partner included seamless integration with his own website, automation of employee scheduling and communication, and clear, concise reports based on his ongoing business activity. He was still spending too much time using manual processes to run his business, which left less time to spend with his customers.

The Solution

“I used to work in software, so I vetted a lot of different options before I made the jump to Peek,” Hormann said. When he installed Peek Pro, he found a complete package that helped optimize several parts of his business. “So many features of Peek Pro are huge in helping me scale my business,” he said. “I can automate scheduling and communications for my employees. I don’t have to babysit, so I can go out and grow the company. And I really love the way it integrates with my website.”

In addition, the reporting in Peek Pro proves valuable. “The data allows me to make educated and targeted business decisions based on the information Peek Pro collects from my customers,” Hormann said. “And it’s increased my total efficiency by 15% or so.”

According to Hormann, Peek Pro’s efficiency and ease of use add up to daily time savings and fewer headaches. “All in all, it saves me about an hour every day. It just saves stress and time across the board.” This allows Hormann to spend more time with his customers, and the better customer experience has helped him go from rank #74 to #1 on TripAdvisor San Francisco.

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