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About Vancouver Island Expeditions

After a memorable travel abroad experience, Leif Bogwald decided to trade in his career as a Chartered Professional Accountant for the opportunity to open his own tour company, Vancouver Island Expeditions. “We wanted to recapture and share that special feeling we had when we returned home to Vancouver Island.”

Now three years old, Vancouver Island Expeditions offers a variety of food, drink and nature tours that showcase all the unique activities Vancouver Island has to offer. Bogwald’s mission is to create authentic, intimate and memorable visitor experiences while honoring the heritage, culture and natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

The Problem

Before Peek, Bogwald had a manual booking system that consisted of manually copying and pasting information into a spreadsheet and calling guides to assign them tours.

However, as his business started to grow and he hired additional staff, it became increasingly difficult for Bogwald to manage his daily operations this way. “We were getting by using Google sheets and calendar, but as we got busier, it became too much.”

What Bogwald needed most was a streamlined calendar that displayed his tours and a more efficient way to communicate with his guides. He also wanted to foster a stronger relationship with his staff.

The opportunity for change came when a Peek representative contacted Bogwald. “I didn’t even really know there was a solution until Peek contacted me!”

The Solution

Since partnering with Peek, Bogwald is able to achieve his goals, plus more. By using Peek’s Abandoned Bookings feature, he gains an additional $170 per week. Bogwald also saves 5 hours a week or 260 hours annually from administrative work, such as sending confirmation and reminder emails.

Not only does Bogwald save time and earn more money with Peek, the online booking provider has several features that keep him organized and help him cultivate stronger employee relationships. As a result, Bogwald can provide his customers a better experience.

With Peek’s guide assignment tool, Bogwald and his guides can better organize their daily schedule. “My guides can see what tours they’re assigned and how many people are on their tour. We can also manage pick-up locations,” he said. “Peek makes it easy to rely on my employees and that definitely translates to our customers. It’s great that we always know what’s going on!”

Likewise, Peek’s Google Calendar integration makes it easy for Bogwald to manage his schedule, because his tours and activities are in one convenient place. “The Google Calendar integration is great and so helpful!”

In addition to the gains he’s made, Bogwald also appreciates Peek’s overall ease-of-use. “Peek’s system is very visual, which makes it easy-to-use and understand. From adding tours to the calendar to creating new tours–Peek is so simple to configure!”

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