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About Turnt Up Tours

After working as a promoter and growing frustrated with existing tour companies, Mike Loumos decided to start his own tour company with another promoter friend. They wanted to introduce the excitement of Vegas nightlife to people from all over the world and decided to go into the entertainment and party tour business. “We want people to have fun and make friends. That’s why we make sure that all our hosts are engaging,” he said. “We also bring along a photographer and have theme tours. We want everyone, even strangers, to leave as friends by the end of the night”

After a difficult start full of uncertainty and a poor quality website, Loumos and his co-owner strengthened their brand and officially launched Turnt Up Tours in January 2015.

Loumos prides himself on the company culture Turnt Up Tours has fostered over the years. “Everyone brings their own unique ideas to the table,” he said. “This helps us do things a little bit differently than other tour companies.”

The Problem

Before switching to Peek, Loumos used a basic web-form and credit card information page system, which hindered the reputation Turnt Up Tours wanted to build, and ultimately affected their bookings. “Our booking system looked unprofessional,” he said. “People are always worried about scam artists, especially in Vegas. I think people felt a little uncomfortable booking with us.”

His previous system also required a lot of maintenance. Loumos’s staff spent hours manually inputting data instead of cultivating a fun and professional brand. The lack of an adequate booking system also made it difficult to process bookings on-the-go. “We used to copy and paste information into a spreadsheet, which wasted so much time,” he said. “It also made it harder to keep up with bookings because we always had to be in front of a computer.”

With his company starting to grow, Loumos wanted to extend his brand reach outside the Vegas area and sought an online booking partner that could give his company legitimacy and provide a professional booking flow.

Loumos also wanted to reach out to customers who did not complete the booking process and felt that an online booking partner was the way to go. “I wanted an easy and continuous outreach to potential customers. An online booking partner seemed like the best option for us.”

The Solution

After researching other online booking partners, Loumos settled on Peek. “I needed a system that could save me time and help me increase my bookings—all while working with me to establish a professional brand. Peek does all of this.”

Since making the switch to Peek, Loumos has seen a 35-40% increase in bookings and saved over 312 man hours annually. “There’s no more manual labor because everything is managed through PeekPro. There are no more distractions.” Meanwhile, Peek’s mobile app also helps Loumos save time. “The app makes it easy to check our booking flow.”

Equally important to Loumos is the professional brand Peek helps establish. “People feel so much more comfortable booking with us thanks to Peek,” he said. “Customers can book directly on our website instead of clicking on multiple links and traveling to different pages. We look more legitimate.”

Loumos also loves the additional features that help him follow up with potential customers. “I love the Abandoned Bookings feature. I can consistently reach out to people who put in information,” he said. “It gives us a booking that would have otherwise been lost.”

Though he appreciates the gains he’s made since switching to an online booking partner, Loumos admits that what makes Peek stand out is the company’s focus on his success and willingness to help. “I love that Oskar, Peek’s CTO, came to visit. He wanted to see what we do on a daily basis so he could further improve their product to address our needs, and he answered all our questions.”

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