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About The Felix in Hollywood Tour Company

After living and working in the entertainment industry for 30 years, Philip Mershon parlayed his lifelong passion for film—especially older films on classic movies channels—into an entrepreneurial endeavor. After all, he was an insider. He’d worked with several of the big studios over the years, and he had a ton of film history in his head from working in “the biz” and being a student of movies since childhood.

With The Felix in Hollywood Tour Company, Mershon displays his talents as a storyteller to Southern California visitors, regaling them with entertaining tales and sharing secrets behind the magic of the movies.

The Problem

Mershon had been working with another online booking partner, but he wanted more. And less. More features, and less time using them. “I had to take a lot of phone calls for reservations, and there was way too much emailing back and forth with customers,” Mershon said. “I’m a one-man operation, and I need a complete system—with booking, calendars and administration—that was far more streamlined than what I was working with.”

Plus, Mershon felt his former booking partner could have done more to help promote his business. “They didn’t have enough reach as far as putting me and my tours out there,” he said.

An efficient mobile app was another thing on Mershon’s wish list, so he went on the hunt for a new partner that could give him everything he was looking for.

The Solution

Mershon decided on Peek, and became one of the first to start using Peek Pro. “I hardly have to take reservations over the phone or email anymore,” he said. “Maybe one every few weeks.” Peek saves him time in other areas as well. “I love the mobile app. I can edit my calendars from anywhere. Not only do I have full control, but I’d be spending two more hours a day on this and other administrative work with my old partner.”

Mershon appreciates the calendar for more than his own experience with it. “Customers can see my tour availability right off the bat,” he said. “And it’s great for customers because it makes their booking experience quick and easy—they used to spend 3-4 minutes on the phone with me, now they’re done in under a minute.”

While the time-saving benefits of Peek Pro speak loud and clear to Mershon, he sees even more value in the extended customer reach Peek grants him through website widgets and strategic partnerships. “Since I’ve used Peek, my revenue has doubled. A 100% increase. It’s been incredible,” he said. “As long as I’m doing this tour, I’ll be with Peek.”

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