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About Tell Tale Tours

With nearly 10 years of experience as a tour guide in New York City, Rory Lipede, owner of Tell Tale Tours, knows what her guests want. “On my food tours, I noticed that people were happier when they had some drinks, and there were a lot of speakeasies in the New York,” she said. But she wanted to go beyond the obvious, places you don’t find on Google or Yelp.

Being well connected though her tours and the New York City Tour Guides Association, Rory learned the passwords to get into those secret places—and her stellar reputation as one of the top tour guides in the city granted her access for her tours.

The Problem

Before discovering Peek, Lipede was using another online booking partner—one that she wasn’t very happy with, largely due to a difficult interfaces on both the front and back ends. “From the customer’s end, booking was a convoluted experience, and the booking flow sent them away from my site,” she said.

Her opinion on the operator side of the software wasn’t any better. “None of us were happy using it,” she said of her team. “Integrating new tours and private tours was very difficult, and vouchers were incredibly hard to download and search. Overall, it was just really confusing and difficult to use.”

What’s worse was the negative impact it had on her business. “I ended up losing money because of it, and I lost trust in my marketing consultant for recommending them,” she said.

The Solution

Almost any other online booking partner would have been an improvement, but Lipede wanted more than that—she wanted one she would love. “That was the impression I had of Peek after doing some research,” she said, “so I decided to install Peek Pro.”

The issue of losing money disappeared immediately, and Lipede’s sales end up rising by nearly one-third. “Bookings increased by 30%, and conversions went up by an astonishing 64%,” she said. “I love the new front end—the easier booking flow means more customers go all the way through, and I like that I can insert customer questions after the payment step so they don’t negatively impact bookings. ”

Lipede also finds it much easier to increase inventory with Peek Pro. “It’s so much easier for us to add new and private tours,” she said, “and integrating with Viator is also a lot easier than with [the previous partner],” she added. “Before, I had to go in and do it manually, but it’s simple to sync with Peek Pro. And I’m excited about Peek’s Yelp partnership, which I just started taking advantage of.”

Combined with the sales boost, Lipede also appreciates the time savings that Peek Pro gives her and her team. “Every feature is seamless and simple,” she said. “It’s just an easier platform, and it’s quick to train new people on it. All in all, it saves me a couple hours per day, which really adds up.”

When an occasional issue does come up, Lipede has an easy time working with Peek’s Partner Support team. “I can just talk to someone online in the messenger chat,” she said, “and issues get resolved incredibly fast.”

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