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About Sourced Adventures

Kyle Davidson, owner of Sourced Adventures, has a passion for the great outdoors—and encouraging others to experience it. “It all comes down to finding a way to give people access to great adventures,” he said.

Sourced Adventures takes customers on epic outdoors trips, including whitewater rafting, skiing & snowboarding, kayaking, international tours and more. Davidson started the business after a similar company he was working for closed. He used what he learned about the activities industry, specifically high-adventure activities, to build a small operation that grew to a much larger scale in recent years—so much that he needed to look for new solutions.

The Problem

After doing everything manually for years—taking reservations, tracking payments, managing resources, managing people, tracking finances and more—Davidson wanted to modernize and streamline his operation from front to back.

He also wanted to increase bookings and revenue by simplifying the booking process for customers, so Davidson started looking for an all-in-one solution.

After extensive research, he discovered an easy answer. “I looked around at everything that was out there,” he said. “Some had ugly and unintuitive interfaces, some lacked key features. When I looked at Peek, I was excited to see that someone was doing it right.”

The Solution

It’s no exaggeration to say that Peek Pro changed the way Davidson runs his business. “Everything is optimized,” he said. “It’s faster and more efficient than I thought possible, and it saves us so much time it’s unbelievable, at least 10 hours a day across the entire team.” According to Davidson, one person can now do the job of three people in some cases. “With so much automation, we’re at least 200% more efficient across the board—and we wouldn’t even be able to handle our increased business volume with our current staff,” he said.

Davidson credits Peek for helping with that increase. “Bookings have gone up by quite a bit because of such a streamlined interface for the customer, and also Smart Reviews helping expand our reach and reputation—at least 50% of our reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp came from Peek Pro’s Smart Reviews.”

Some other favorite features have emerged for Davidson as well, such as Peek Pro’s Kiosk Mode, where customers check themselves in on a tablet. “We hook it up to the receipt printer, and it gives people their ticket for our bus without my employees having to do anything,” he said. “It’s just like getting your boarding pass at the airport. It improves my customers’ experience by saving them time, not to mention how much time it saves my guides, and helps them keep everything and everybody organized.”

Overall revenue increased, due in part to Peek Pro features. The Guide app helps generate more spending from customers. “Your tour guides become both guides and salespeople—they add bookings and upsell customers on the spot, right when they’re happy and willing to spend a little more.”

Davidson also has a lot to say about Peek Pro’s Advanced Pricing feature. “People don’t think about this right away, but it makes it easy to set your slowest times a little cheaper, and make your most popular tours cost more,” he said. “That increases revenue in a huge way. I’m dynamically pricing my products to follow the trends of my customers’ buying behavior.”

With Peek’s Abandoned Bookings feature, Davidson’s also gained an additional $3,000 in just four weeks. “Since launching Abandoned Bookings, I’ve received over $3,000 in additional revenue. That’s just impressive!”

Davidson punctuates his thoughts on Peek by praising its ease of use and the overall impact it’s had on Sourced Adventures. “In a short period of time, I can train anyone to use it really effectively,” he said. “Anyone considering signing up with Peek is going to have a great experience.”

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