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A self-described car aficionado, Allan Graves couldn’t resist the classic VW Bus he saw for sale online. He enjoyed using it to give his friends tours of San Francisco so much that he started researching the local tourism industry. “I realized the market was super lucrative, so I bought,” he said. In three months’ time, he quit his job and started running tours full time.

The Problem

Before partnering with an online booking provider, Graves had identified getting more bookings as one of his biggest needs. “I was only seeing eight customers a day, but knew I could increase that by driving people to my website,” Graves said, “so I wanted to align myself with a company that’s a leader in online booking.”

A close second on the list was the need for more time. Due in part to personal success as a CEO of a tech company, Graves saw automating as many tasks as possible as a way to optimize his time so he could run tours instead of getting bogged down in administration. “I was using 40% of my time working on internal processes,” he said.

Beyond his biggest needs, Graves also wanted to choose his online booking partner very carefully. “I wanted a company that would listen, take feedback and grow with me as a business,” he said.

The Solution

“I looked at several possible booking partners, and I saw Peek as the most innovative and agile in the space,” Graves said. “Peek Pro is easy and intuitive—I decided to install everything myself, and I was up and running within an hour of signing the contract with Peek. Peek Pro is made just for tour operators and it shows.”

Graves notes that the ease of setting up Peek Pro led directly into other benefits, including increasing his business volume. “I went from eight people a day to 30 in high season,” Graves said. “I was cash-only before, but Peek Pro helped my business overcome that limitation.”

The combination of online booking and automating many administrative tasks adds up to a huge amount of time saving for Graves. “I used to spend almost half my day on that stuff,” he said. “With automated confirmations, receipts and follow-ups, I haven’t had to touch those emails in a year and it’s all still fully functional. It saves me up to 20 hours a week—I wouldn’t be able to run tours without Peek considering the volume I have now.”

Graves also like the new features Peek rolls out on a regular basis. “New availability rules helps me drive customers to tours that are already going out,” Graves said. “So because of Peek we can maximize our growth.”

Though Graves sought out a new booking partner after a year and a half with Peek, he decided to make the switch back, citing better resource management tools and more responsive Partner Support. “Peek has better Resource Management because it integrates directly into manifests. The other system I used didn’t display resources in the bookings, which caused confusion for my drivers ,” he said.

“Plus, Peek’s overall Partner Support Team is great. My previous online booking partner never listened to the issues I was having, and their Product Team never implemented any of my feature requests.”

Overall, Graves is happy to be back with Peek. “I like that Peek is local. Their front and back end systems are so much more elegant than any other online booking systems I’ve used.”

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