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About Rock N Rope Adventures

Ten years ago, Rogerio Ramires moved to Los Angeles from Brazil where he immersed himself in the local climbing scene. An expert climber, Ramires decided to take on a new challenge: Mt. Everest. However, he found training for the trek too commercial.

Unsure of what to do with all of the climbing gear he collected for his training, Ramires turned to his friends for advice. “I amassed all this gear and I didn’t know what to do with it. My friends suggested I open a business.”

Together with his wife, Ramires opened Rock n Rope Adventures to share his passion for climbing with climbers of all levels living in Southern California. Ramires’ mission is to promote safety and create a welcoming climbing community.

The Problem

Before Peek, Ramires’ used multiple platforms to manage his reservations and daily business operations. “Using multiple channels was too chaotic and disorganized. I had too many steps to take just to confirm a booking and receive payment. I needed one system that would streamline my business operations.”

Ramires decided to make the switch to an online booking partner. However he struggled to find an online booking system that fit his needs. Before Peek, Ramires installed another system on his website, but he knew he made the wrong decision almost immediately. “We installed my previous online booking partner’s system onto our website and it didn’t look right. The system didn’t integrate into our website and the partner’s goals didn’t align with our business.”

Opportunity for change arrived when Ramires received a flyer for a surfing company. “I went online to research this surfing company and loved the look of their booking flow. I reached out to find out what system they used–it was Peek!”

Unlike his previous online booking partner, Ramires knew that partnering with Peek was the right decision. “Once we launched Peek on our professional website, everything fell into place. It just felt right.”

The Solution

Ramires has been nothing but happy since partnering with Peek and credits the company for streamlining his business operations. “I can’t live without Peek! It’s definitely changed my life. My business has seen a 90% increase in revenue over the past two years and Peek helps me keep everything organized.”

Peek’s user-friendly booking flow has helped reduce the amount of phone calls Ramires receives. “I rarely ever get phone calls about availability or price. The only time I do get a phone call, it’s because customers didn’t read.” Meanwhile he can customize the look and placement of his booking widgets so they integrate seamlessly into his website with a direct call to action.

Ramires’ favorite Peek Pro feature is the mobile app, which he uses to upsell additional items like hats, t-shirts and even other classes. He also asks customers to sign Peek’s free digital Waivers using the iPad app. “Customers are amazed that they can sign directly with their fingers!”

He also uses Peek’s automatic emails to save time and maintain a better pulse on his business. “I can customize emails to include important information like start time and meeting directions. It’s all automated so I don’t even have to send an email myself!” He can also check to see who opens his emails, which ensures him that customers are informed of their activity.

However, what Ramires appreciates most about Peek is its dedication to its partners. “Everyone at Peek seems very real. I love that they care about me and my business and actually take the time to talk to me. I’ll live and die by Peek!”

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