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About Ridgerunner Ziplines

Sue Jordan got the idea for RidgeRunner Ziplines after installing a zip line on one of her properties in the southern Appalachian Mountains of Andrews Valley, North Carolina “The area is beautiful, so I thought, “Why not add a zip line?”

In business for about nine years, Jordan remains dedicated to providing guests with safe and fun outdoor experiences while showcasing the natural beauty of Andrews Valley. As guests zoom through the trees, they are treated to a bird’s-eye-view of the abundant flora and fauna that make up the area.

The Problem

Jordan did not have a formal online booking system before partnering with Peek, and her daily operations suffered. It was a struggle to keep up with her large call volume, and customers had a difficult time paying. She was also tired of having to manually adjust her calendar.

Curious about the amount of time she would save, Jordan researched online booking partners. She knew exactly what she was looking for: an efficient booking flow, so her customers could easily book online, and a user-friendly back-end with easy to navigate tools. After researching numerous online booking systems, she found Peek.

The Solution

Jordan thanks Peek’s user-friendly booking flow and the convenience of online booking for the shift in the way her customers book: 50% of her bookings now come from online. “I want a streamlined and concise booking process–nothing redundant. Peek’s booking flow is exactly that,” she said. “My customers can easily go through the booking flow and complete the payment process!”

Whether she needs to blackout dates, schedule new activities or manually add bookings that come through the phone, Peek’s intuitive back-end system streamlines Jordan’s business operations and makes it easy for her to complete administrative tasks–she saves 250 man hours annually. “Peek’s system is very user-friendly and flexible for my needs. I can quickly add bookings or schedule an activity, and the calendar updates in real-time. It’s so simple!”

Jordan’s excited to learn more about all of the tools that Peek has to offer. “Peek has so many features that can help me run my business–some of which I’m still exploring. I like that Peek gives me so many ways to do things. I can customize the system to fit my needs as a business owner.”

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