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About Richmond Bubble Soccer

A Richmond resident, Kyle Taylor struggled to find innovative and fun party activities in the city to enjoy with friends. “There’s not a ton of out-of-the-box party things that you can do in Richmond,” he said. “It was a challenge to find something creative to do.”

When a friend showed him a YouTube video of bubble soccer, Taylor saw a unique opportunity to expand Richmond’s activity industry. “I thought it was an interesting idea,” he said. “I immediately bought some equipment and started my business, Richmond Bubble Soccer.”

Two and a half years later, Richmond Bubble Soccer remains devoted to providing quality and safe fun. “Whether you’re playing at a birthday party, company picnic or family reunion, bubble soccer is a great team-bonding experience,” he said. “We want people to try something new, have a good time and get excited about playing again.”


The Problem

Before Peek, Taylor did not have a proper online booking system, which made the booking process complicated for him and his customers. Taylor spent a significant amount of time per reservation answering phone calls and emails, sending out waivers and processing payments. “Clients would call and ask questions, then go online to pay,” he said. “This consumed a lot of time.” He also had a difficulty retrieving information about his customers, which made preparing rentals and reservations challenging.

He needed a seamless booking system that relieved customers from confusion and streamlined his business operations. “I needed a professional system that made it easy for the customer to book and helped me organize each reservation.” Taylor also wanted to increase his sales and give customers the option to customize their experiences.

The Solution

After speaking with a Peek representative, Taylor knew it was time to make the switch to an online booking partner. “Alex told me about other partners Peek works with,” he said. “Peek seemed like a great option to manage payments and reservations.”

For Taylor, the biggest boon has been the amount of time he saves each day. Thanks to Peek’s seamless booking process, Taylor saves at least 1 man hour a day for a total of 365 man hours saved annually. He no longer spends too much time on the phone answering booking questions and taking reservations.

Taylor especially appreciates the automatic emails Peek sends out to both Taylor and the customer, which makes preparing for reservations easier. “I save a lot of admin time with Peek,” he said. “Customers automatically receive a confirmation and I also receive information about the customer.”

Processing payments is also now a non-issue. Peek’s payment portal ensures that Taylor receives payment as quickly as possible. “Payments automatically get deposited into my account the next day,” he said. “I don’t have to worry about whether or not we got paid.”

Online booking has also been a boon for Taylor. With Peek, Taylor’s seen a 10% increase in sales because customers can book at all times of the day. “I never even talk to people that will book at 1 am,” he said. “Peek definitely helps capture people outside of office hours. We get an additional 2-3 reservations per week now.”

He also loves the additional gains he sees from using Peek, particularly from the customer perspective. “I love Peek’s Add-ons feature,” he said. “I love that customers can schedule activities, then customize their experience by adding other things. Our business looks more professional.”

Taylor’s extremely satisfied with the success he’s made since partnering with Peek. “I’ve referred Peek to at least 5 or 6 different businesses,” he said. “I think it’s a great system for bubble soccer and other activities-based businesses.”

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