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About Prince Rupert Adventure Tours

When Prince Rupert Adventure Tours came to life as a family operated business in the late 1980s, they functioned purely as a marine transportation company, carrying passengers all over Northern British Columbia.

As the business expanded, the family saw a new opportunity to jump into the tourism market with all the incredible wildlife in the area. They built a 16-passenger boat and started taking people out on marine wildlife tours to observe the vast amount of whales and grizzly bears in the area.

Today the company offers everything from water taxi services to seven-hour wildlife-viewing tours on their 100-passenger catamaran. They continue to take thousands of happy travelers out on the water year after year.

The Problem

Heading into 2016, the business was operating with a phone- and email-based reservation system. Jared Davis, the company’s Vice President, wanted to find a better solution. Being the owners’ son, he’s heavily invested in the business and knew he could improve efficiency with some operational upgrades. “My parents were a bit old school,” he said. “They had a master book where they’d write everything down. What could’ve been an automated job was taking a lot longer than it should have.”

Davis also wanted a better way to track their sales and collect information about their customers. “My goal with Peek was to grow the business while making our lives a little easier at the same time—a combination that’s usually elusive to companies like ours,” he said.

Knowing he held sway to convince the owners to upgrade, Davis started researching online reservation systems. As fortune would have it, that’s when he got a call from a Peek sales representative.

The Solution

Peek’s potential excited Davis from the start, but he had some work to do on the company owners. “It took a while to get everybody onboard for the move to online booking,” he said, “but it happened, and it’s been night and day for us since.”

What struck Davis and the owners right away was the time savings they gained after installing Peek Pro. “Automated bookings and confirmations save us a tremendous amount of time,” Davis said. “Automated bookings and confirmations save us a tremendous amount of time,” Davis said. “It gives us an extra 2 hours per day, at least. It also heightens the customer experience—95% of them have already paid when they get here, so all we have to do is check the boat and get started.”

The company has also noticed Peek Pro’s impact when it comes to bookings. “It’s so much easier for customers to book,” Davis said. “Now at least 60% of our bookings come through the site, so we’ve seen a big uptick on conversions.” Overall bookings saw some growth as well. “Between last year and this year, we saw about 10-15% more total bookings,” he added.

Peek has also met Davis’ hopes for business reports, and then some. “It’s incredibly helpful having all that customer and booking information at our fingertips,” he said. “We had no way of keeping track of what was popular and who our customers were, demographically, so we’ve been able to strategize better and plan according to what our customers respond to.

“All things combined, Peek Pro is better than we imagined. We initially got into it for the convenience of online booking, and it’s gone above and beyond that, it’s certainly contributed to our company’s growth across the board.”

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