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About Portage Lakes Cruises

Approaching retirement, Judy Narducci wanted to spend her days doing something she enjoyed: giving pontoon boat cruises of the beautiful Portage Lakes in Akron, Ohio. Now approaching its fifth season, Narducci hardly has time to enjoy the retired life–Portage Lakes Cruises has quickly evolved from a single boat business to a multi-boat operation.

Narducci and her crew of all-women captains delight visitors and residents of Portage Lakes with fascinating stories and trivia on the history, nature and wildlife of the area. Along the way, passengers can take in views of ornate waterfront homes and abundant wildlife.

The Problem

Before Peek, Narducci was in an unhappy partnership with another online booking provider that not only cost her valuable time, but hindered her sales. “Customers were always confused on how to book with my previous online booking partner. I’d spend all day on the phone, guiding them through the booking process.”

According to Narducci, the backend system was also confusing, and when she reached out for help, she didn’t get the answers or support she needed. “My previous online booking partner also had a less than helpful support team. They weren’t very accommodating or patient, and couldn’t answer my questions.”

Frustrated with her previous partner’s lack of support and unintuitive front and backend systems, Narducci decided it was time to switch to another online booking provider.

The Solution

Narducci has seen a vast improvement since partnering with Peek. “Even though I developed my own website and partnered with another online booking provider, it wasn’t until Peek that I noticed more traffic and sales through my website.”

With Abandoned Bookings, Peek helps Narducci recapture customers who did not initially complete the booking process. In just one week, she recaptured 20% of lost customers.

Thanks to Peek’s intuitive booking flow and customizable widgets, Narducci saves time from answering phone calls. “The number of phone calls I receive has reduced by 75% because my customers know where and how to book. There’s no more confusion!” she said. “With my previous online booking provider, I was only booking about five trips a season. Now, I probably book that many in a day!”

To streamline her administrative tasks, Narducci uses Peek’s backend tools, such as Daily Deals and automatic emails. “I’m able to better manage my public and private cruises because of Peek. I use Daily Deals to manage my Groupons, and automatic emails to notify my customers of their trip.”

However, its Peek’s stellar Partner Support Team that sets the company apart from other online booking providers. “My favorite thing about Peek is the customer support! Jonathan and Maria are so unbelievably patient–a lot of times I’ll send a chat asking for help, and when I check back later, they’ve taken care of it for me! It’s by far the biggest difference I’ve experienced since switching from my previous online booking provider!”

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