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About No 1. Escapes

Adam Johnson and Brandon Friend are professional software engineers with a love for puzzles. Wanting to turn their passion into a business, they decided to try their hand in escape rooms. “We joined private Facebook groups and subreddits, researched other companies–all of the necessary reconnaissance work before fully committing.”

After their research, Johnson and Friend decided to move forward with their business–brainstorming themes, puzzles, design, location and more. Within just seven months, they opened No. 1 Escapes in Irvine, CA. “We opened an escape room because they’re a good business investment and most importantly, a unique way for people to have fun, solve puzzles and bond.” At No. 1 Escapes, guests are tasked with infiltrating the White House to solve puzzles left by past presidents and uncover a hidden treasure.

The Problem

Before Peek, Johnson and Friend partnered with another online booking company. However, they were unhappy with their experience navigating their previous partner’s system. “It seemed like our previous online booking system was always in beta, which made daily operations difficult for us,” Friend said. “For example, if we wanted to make any changes to our reservations, we had to contact our payment processor Stripe–even for the simplest change. It was a pain.”

When their contract with their previous online booking partner ended, Johnson and Friend decided to switch to a new online booking partner, one that could provide them with a better user-experience and potentially help increase their sales.

The Solution

Johnson and Friend partnered with Peek because of their excellent user experience. “Now we can directly edit our activities and reservations without going through a long process.” Friend can also adjust the time of an activity and edit booking information right in Peek Pro.

According to Friend, Peek also has more tools that streamline their daily operations. “Peek has better email follow-up, notifications and reports than our previous online booking partner,” he said. “We’re more engaged with Peek’s system than with our previous system.”

Employee permission was also an issue with his previous online booking partner. With Peek, Johnson and Friend can give employees the correct system permissions and access. They save four hours a week or 200 hours annually by allowing employees to directly manage the backend.

However, No. 1 Escape’s favorite part about switching to Peek? The increase in sales. “We were initially hesitant about the additional service fee, however our customers weren’t deterred at all. In the few months we’ve been with Peek, we’ve increased our sales by 60%!” The pair can’t wait to see where Peek will take their business next.

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