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About Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops

An award-winning photographer, Patrick Kelley relocated from Minnesota to the island of Kauai, where he opened Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops in 2013.

Kauai Adventure Photography Workshops provides its clients with an immersive, hands-on photography experience. “All of our clients delve deeper into Hawaii’s beautiful spirit and leave with a meaningful story captured in images.”

The Problem

Before Peek, Kelley managed his business manually, including updating his calendar with bookings. However, as his business started to grow, Kelley realized he needed an online booking system. “My calendar became difficult to scale and I wanted an easier way to manage things.”

To save time on the backend, Kelley sought an online booking system with an automated calendar showing available activities and in real-time. He also wanted a customizable online booking system that fit seamlessly into his website and helped promote his brand.

Kelley saw a unique opportunity when a Peek representative contacted him. “I was looking for a branded booking experience,” he said. “Peek reached out to me and I decided: why not?”

The Solution

What drew Kelley to Peek is its customizable and intuitive booking flow that integrates well into his website and makes it easy for customers to book. “I have my own website and wanted to design it to have a very fluid, graphic and contemporary look,” he said. “Peek’s booking flow fits well into my site. I love the branded booking experience I get with Peek!”

Since partnering with Peek, 95% of Kelley’s bookings are online. “When people call in, I always gear them towards online booking.”

He also likes that Peek’s customizable booking flow translates coherently into the mobile app. “All of Peek’s customizations are still mobile-friendly!”

Kelley saves valuable time on the backend thanks to Peek’s real-time calendar. He saves 520 man hours annually from managing and updating his calendar.

By syncing Peek’s calendar to his Google Calendar, Kelley maintains a better pulse on his business, which allows him to streamline his business operations. “It didn’t make sense for me to coordinate my own calendar,” he said “Now, I have guides and a manager. Peek’s been a factor in helping me get there.”

Overall, Kelley is glad he made the switch to Peek and appreciates the company’s dedication to all of its partners. “I met with Peek’s CTO, Oskar a month ago and we walked through the site together. It was awesome!”

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