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About JK Kayak

A contractor for 25 years, Joe Parisi got his start in the water sports business after a friend asked him to lead kayaking tours on the weekends. He decided to transform his kayaking hobby into a full-time career and open his own business.

JK Kayak is growing rapidly under Parisi’s leadership. They are dedicated to promoting an eco-friendly environment and creating memorable outdoor experiences on the beautiful Long Island waters.

The Problem

Before switching to an online booking partner, Parisi had a difficult time on the backend, managing his reservations and business operations. “Since I’m out on the water, my phone number acts as a messaging service,” he said. “I had no online booking system and would call customers back to make reservations.” Tired of making manual bookings, Parisi knew he had to switch to an online booking partner.

Parisi wanted a partner that could provide a customizable and seamless booking system, streamline his business operations and help him increase his number of reviews. However, his previous online booking partner did not have the tools he needed to support a growing business. After researching other online booking partners, Parisi made the switch to Peek.

The Solution

After one year, Parisi already sees the benefits of partnering with Peek—his bookings have doubled in the last year. He projects that they will continue to increase as the year progresses. “We already have bookings coming in for the summer since people can book online at all times of the day,” he said. He also saves time from taking manual bookings. “If customers call, I always encourage them to book online.”

With the Abandoned Bookings feature alone, Parisi is capturing an additional $6,000 per year. He’s excited to capitalize more off this feature. “I’m going to create an incentive for customers to book, which I’m sure will generate more bookings.”

Parisi also has a 20% review capture rate thanks to Peek’s Smart Reviews feature, which reaches out to the customer immediately after their activity. “I’ve gotten much more reviews thanks to these automatic emails!”

Peek’s Yelp integration feature also drives more customers to book. During the summer months, his prime season, Parisi receives about 1500 people per month visiting his Yelp page.

Parisi also likes that he can edit activities quickly. “I can easily change the dates and times on my calendar and update descriptions and pictures for each activity.” He also uses Peek’s customizable email templates to automatically send customers confirmations, reminders, thank-you notes and more.

Parisi is satisfied with Peek and can’t wait to optimize more of its features. “I’m learning how to maximize all the tools Peek has to offer,” he said. “I love that Peek is always growing and coming out with new features. I’m also really excited to see how many bookings we get through Peek.com.”

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