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About Jersey Girls Food Tours

After more than seven years in a corporate role, Janis Borroto made the decision to chase her dream of owning her own business. At the same time, Alessia Aron wanted to carve a new career path for herself. When the two met, their common goal of entrepreneurship, passion for food and lots of combined experience dining out around Jersey City led them to found Jersey Girls Food Tours.

The business became a reality in 2014, and the two lead the charge in introducing travelers and locals to some of the best eats in town.

The Problem

The girls behind Jersey Girls were dissatisfied that their previous online booking partner was trying to push its own branding into their booking flow—and how long the booking flow took. Their search for a new partner came down to Peek and one other. “The demo with [the competing online booking company] didn’t go well,” Aron said. They also felt that back-end processes—such as adding new activities and scheduling—could be more optimized to help save them time and money.

The Solution

According to Aron, Peek worked better from the start. “Peek was a lot better,” she said. “The whole onboarding process was super smooth.” And she appreciates the way that Peek’s assistance didn’t end there. “Customer service with Peek is a lot better—there’s always someone to answer questions, and everyone is really friendly,” she said.

Beyond the personal touch, Aron and Borroto have seen significant increases in bookings and revenue since switching to Peek. “Our total ticket sales increased by 74%,” Aron said, “and we now have about 43% more people booking our tours.”

In addition, the Jersey Girls appreciate the time savings because of how easy Peek Pro is to use. “The system is very intuitive,” Aron said. “Creating activities, scheduling—everything is so simple. Click, click, done! The streamlined system saves us at least five hours per week over our previous workflow.”

Aron also likes the direction Peek Pro is going—and growing. “[Peek] is always releasing great new features,” she said. “And I love that feedback from partners result in helpful changes to Peek Pro.”

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