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About Hop On Beer Tours

Brant Myers has always been an innovator interested in craft breweries. He even made an appearance on the hit television series, Shark Tank, where he and his business partner pitched the “Arkeg,” an arcade game with a keg built into the side.

However, after going on numerous wine tours in the San Luis Obispo area, he started thinking about opening his own brewery tour business. “Living in San Luis Obispo, I’ve been on tons of wine tours. It got super repetitive. I noticed more and more breweries started to pop up, so I put myself in the consumer’s perspective, and decided to open my own beer tour.” He used the money he received from selling the Arkeg, and opened Hop On Beer Tours.

Hop On Beer Tours specializes in social, but intimate, wine and brewery tours. Guests are transported to their brewery or winery of choice in a fully customized bus, decked out with leather seating, hardwood floors, drinks bar, Bluetooth stereo and complimentary bottled water and light snacks.


The Problem

Myers had partnerships with three different online booking companies before switching to Peek. “As I built my website and business, I had a lot of people reach out to me about online booking. There were so many things that didn’t work with my previous partners.”

For example, it was difficult for Myers to find an online booking partner with customizable widgets and a sleek booking flow. “Poor booking buttons impact conversions,” he said. “Purchasing something is an emotional process. You don’t want customers to doubt you. If you have a system that looks like it was built 20 years ago, you’re not going to make a sale.”

Before Peek, Myers worked up to 60 hours a week–most of which was dedicated to managing his schedule. He wanted a more time-efficient way of scheduling his tours. When Peek contacted him, Myers decided to make the switch.

The Solution

What attracted Myers to Peek Pro were the software’s sleek widgets. “Peek’s buttons are very crisp and clean, while my previous booking partners had buttons that were clunky and big.”

With Peek’s customizable booking flows, Myers ensures that his customers’ booking experience is positive.“Sometimes when you’re in the thick of everything, it’s hard to get an outside perspective. I like Peek because I can customize my booking flow to answer any questions a customer might have as they book.” He reports an 80% conversion rate.

Thanks to the convenience of online booking and Peek’s clean, user-friendly interface, Myers has seen his sales double. “Even adjusting for the cost of my vehicles, my sales have doubled since I joined Peek.”

He also saves over 1,000 hours and $25k annually just by using Peek’s easy-to-use calendar and Resource Management Tools, which allow him to better manage and schedule his tour guides and buses. “Before, I was working up to 60 hours a week. Now, I only work 15 hours and my Reservations Manager works 20 hours a week. Between the two of us, we save 20 hours per week.”

While he saves time and money using Peek, it’s the company’s innovative spirit that has Myers sticking around for the long run. “Peek allows me to make a living, doing what I want to do, without being stuck behind a computer all day. Even if there is a system out there with other features I might need, I know that by the time I switch and learn a new system, Peek will have that feature built out already.”

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