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About Harvard Cookin’ Girl

Seven years ago, Bibi Kasrai was a successful financial executive who traveled extensively for her job. As she traveled, Kasrai somehow managed to make her way into local kitchens, where she learned traditional cooking styles and techniques from grandmothers around the world.

Inspired by their cultural traditions and love of cooking, Kasrai decided to follow her passions and open her own business. In 2009, she launched Harvard Cookin’ Girl, a cooking school whose mission is to bring healthy eating from around the world onto clients’ kitchen tables.

The Problem

Kasrai knew she needed an online booking partner to help support her growing business. Without a way for clients to book online, she struggled to control the booking flow for large events. “We used to take phone and email reservations for large events, which was overwhelming and difficult to keep track of.” Stephanie Chaplin, Event Coordinator for Harvard Cookin’ Girl said.

Furthermore, Kasrai wanted a system with customizable features that would integrate well with her business and adapt to its needs. It was also important that she receive assistance and support whenever questions come up. Kasrai’s ideal online booking partner would also capture reviews from clients.

The Solution

Kasrai selected Peek because of its easy-to-use, customizable features. “We like that Peek’s features are flexible to our needs without any complications,” Chaplin said. “Our favorite part about Peek is how simple it is to create activities and edit them. The email templates and Activity Questions tool are also easy to personalize.”

Thanks to Peek, Kasrai has more control over her booking flow, especially when it comes to bigger events such as kids’ birthday parties and summer camp programs. “We require online booking for those events and have a 100% online booking rate,” Chaplin said. “Booking online is efficient and helps us prepare these large scale events.”

While they still receive some phone calls and emails from clients looking to book for other events, they predict the number will decrease as the year progresses. “We hope to add more classes to Peek’s system throughout the year. We project that more online visibility will lead to a 75% total online booking rate for all events and classes.”

Online booking has also increased the number of online reviews Kasrai receives. With Peek’s Smart Reviews feature, she can easily request reviews from her clients who book online—they now have a 50%+ review capture rate.

What makes Peek really stand out from other online booking partners is its stellar tech support team. Chaplin reports a 100% satisfaction rate with the assistance they receive on the backend. “We love Peek’s tech support team!,” she said. “Eric [a Peek Software Integration Specialist] helped us create a unique booking flow for our summer camps program and Brock [from Partner Support], answered all our questions. Peek’s tech support team always accommodates our needs.”

Though they receive offers from other online booking partners, Kasrai and Chaplin are confident in Peek. “We’re currently exploring all of Peek Pro’s features and finding new ways to maximize and customize them to fit our needs. We’re excited about what Peek already does and its potential to do even more for us.”

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