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About Happy Flights Cabo Parasailing

A lifelong fan of parasailing, Kim Jones decided to take a leap of faith and move from Canada to Mexico to start her own parasailing business. After testing the waters at several prime parasailing spots, Jones settled on Cabo San Lucas because she was impressed by the city’s beautiful scenery and pristine bay.

However, Jones faced many obstacles and critics before she could finally launch her own company, including fierce competition from other water sport businesses and a lack of support from local businessmen who did not want to give advice to outsiders. Despite these oppositions, Jones officially launched Happy Flights in 2010.

Since their inaugural flight, Jones and her team have devoted their time and effort to providing quality experiences to all of their customers. “I’ve been involved with parasailing for 20 years,” she said. “I love sharing my passion with customers and I hope to provide them with safe and exciting parasailing adventures.”

The Problem

Lacking a website and booking system, Jones initially relied on roving ticket sellers to drive customers to Happy Flights. However, these sellers charged a high price, which Jones had to pay if she wanted them to direct customers to her business.

To improve the viability of her business, it became clear to Jones that she needed a website with an online booking system. “We were paying an unsustainable amount of money in commissions,” she said. “So, to save money, we decided to create a website and install an online booking system.”

However, Jones’s previous online booking system did not have the features she needed to support a growing business. “Our previous online booking facility worked on a basic level,” she said. “But as we saw an increase in customers, we realized that there was more to online sales than simply providing a means of booking and paying.”

For example, if the Port Captain closed the bay due to inclement weather, Jones needed a system that can easily process refunds. Her previous system made this difficult. “Our former booking system made refunding customers extremely challenging.”

Jones also wanted a system that could provide her with a range of reports, including details about her business revenue and customers. She also wanted a system that was relatively easy to use. “There are no ‘tech experts’ here at Happy Flights,” she said. “So I needed a booking system that was accessible.”

Though it was clear that she needed a comprehensive system, Jones had difficulty finding an online booking partner that could do everything she wanted: provide reports, easily process payments, and fit her business operations. “With a very limited staff, the business doesn’t have the flexibility to change its procedures to fit into a booking system,” she said. “Other online booking partners I researched required that we make changes to our business operations.”

The Solution

Jones was eager to learn about Peek after receiving an email. “I got an email from Peek that explained their software,” she said. “After some investigation and a discussion with a Peek representative, we decided to make the switch.”

Since partnering with Peek, 80% of Jones’s business comes from online customers. This has lead to a 57% increase in revenue from online bookings in the past year alone.

Happy Flights’ progress is reflected in its TripAdvisor page. Happy Flights currently has a 5-star reputation and was awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015. Jones thanks Peek for the reputation Happy Flights has cultivated. “It’s clear that customers who book online are the ones who choose to review their experience,” she said. “Out of 102 reviews, 92 of them rank the business at 5-stars. We’re now the largest parasailing operator in Cabo.”

Jones also appreciates the features that help streamline her business operations, including Peek’s Reports, which allow her to generate valuable customer and revenue reports. Peek also makes processing refunds and making payments much easier. “Peek has a detailed and convenient weekly payment system,” she said. “It clearly itemizes payments and refunds and can also handle refunds that I might not have entered into the system until the next pay cycle.”

Whenever she has questions about a feature, Jones likes that she can contact Peek’s Partner Support Team for clarification. “I love that I can reach out to Partner Support and receive easy-to-understand assistance without any jargon.”

However, what Jones appreciates most about Peek is the way its flexible booking system easily integrates into her daily business procedures. “We needed a booking system that adapts to how we do things, and that’s what Peek does.”

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