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About Grim Philly Twilight Tours

Joe Wojie is a university history professor from Philadelphia who wanted to share his passion for the macabre with visitors and locals alike. He opened Grim Philly Twilight Tours seven years ago, and has since seen the popularity of his tours rise. Featured on Anthony Bourdain’s hit television series “The Layover” on the Travel Channel, and voted Best City Tour on the Philadelphia 17 Hotlist, Grim Philly has amassed a cult following for their educational, but gritty adults-only tours.

Wojie and his team of academics, published authors and other professionals, lead guests to some of Philadelphia’s infamous historical sites, including houses of ill-repute, mass burial sites and more.

The Problem

Before Peek, Wojie was with another online booking partner that was missing the tools he wanted to manage his daily operations. “I have 20 guides, so I needed an easy way to schedule them. My previous online booking partner didn’t have the functionality I needed.”

Wojie also wanted better customer support, in case any questions about the system–its tools and features–came up. However, his previous online booking partner offered very little support. “Their software was more self-service.” Since he teaches classes at a local university in addition to running his tours, it was also important for Wojie to find an online booking partner that would help him answer phone calls.

The opportunity to receive the support and functionality he needed came when Peek called. “I didn’t initially come over for the software. Peek sold me with Vendor Phone Support. Though once I switched, I quickly realized how awesome Peek’s system is!”

The Solution

In addition to Peek’s Vendor Phone Support, Wojie is excited about the software’s ease of use and the company’s innovative spirit. “Peek has more functionality than my previous online booking provider, and is much more user-friendly. Peek’s Guide Management tool is extremely useful to me when I create my schedule,” he said. “Peek also continuously adds new features that helps me run my business. I can’t think of a way to improve their system.”

He reports a 100% increase in profitability since using Peek Pro. “Between proficiency of software, streamlining of our booking and scheduling process, and the hours freed up that allows our administrators to concentrate more on building our business–Peek has increased our profitability.”

Using Peek’s Vendor Phone Support, Wojie is able to answer an extra 2,000 calls per year from people who want to book. “I get more than 150 phone calls per month. Peek’s phone service answers all of them. That gives me an edge over my competitors.” He also saves 260 hours annually from having to answer the phone to take bookings. “I spend much less time on the phone since switching to Peek! ”

Wojie also reports 100% Satisfaction with Peek’s Partner Support Team. “Peek has exemplary customer service. All of Peek’s representatives are extremely pleasant, positive, and knowledgeable. I always get a fast response when I have a question about a feature or tool,” he said. “Plus, the 24 hour service is convenient. I’m on the east coast, so it’s great to know that someone is always available.”

With Peek’s Smart Reviews feature, Wojie receives detailed feedback on how to improve his tours, which ensures that he continues to provide quality service. “It’s very valuable for me to know how my tours are going, and how all of my tour guides are doing.”

Peek not only saves Wojie time and provides excellent support, the company also gives him valuable insights into his business. “I have nothing but good things to say about Peek. They helped me develop my website, gave me advice on SEO, and more! Everyone there is wonderful. I have such a great relationship with Peek that I recommend the company to other operators in the area!”

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