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About Golden Gate Rides

Engaging in multiple and diverse careers simultaneously can be daunting for many, but not for Bigyan Koirala. When he was working in the film and television industry while also driving for Uber, he decided to open his own business.

It takes a combination of fortitude and belief in yourself to start a business without financial backing, but Bigyan Koirala went even further when he launched Golden Gate Rides in San Francisco. “I had my website up before I even had a bike,” he said. “I just started buying bikes as bookings came in.”

Golden Gate Rides separates itself from other bike rental and tour companies in the San Francisco Bay Area in many ways, including offering top-of-the-line bicycles. His customers saw the difference right away, and business started booming right out of the gate—and hasn’t stopped since.

The Problem

Growing too fast can be a good problem to have, but it also meant Koirala had to find some creative solutions to ease the growing pains. “Finding ways to streamline the business and save me time were becoming crucial,” he said.

Though the business was growing, Koirala also wanted to avoid taking on too many additional expenses, including staffing and stocking up on too many bicycles, since the ones he uses don’t come cheap. “I had to be careful,” he said. “I didn’t know the future, and thought an online booking partner who could help with that as well would be perfect.”

When he came across Peek during his research, he found that he could do even more with it than other online booking partners were capable of.

The Solution

“Even though my revenue was shooting skyward,” he said. “I saw that Peek Pro could help even more. It’s helped increase my earnings 30% on top of how much salesit had already grown because Peekit helps me predict the future and prepare for my busiest times,” he added, referring to Peek Pro’s automated reporting feature. “It’s helped me make this my full-time job, and go from just rentals to offering tours.”

In addition to further revenue increases, Koirala enjoys the time savings he needed, whereand Peek Pro’s custom questions helped significantlythe most. “Putting questions in the booking flow saves so much time,” he said. “I have everything ready for customers when they walk in, instead of having to stand here and talk about what they need when they get here. That saves me at least 10 hours per week.”

Koirala also sees value in that for the customers. “It helps me improve their experience,” he said. “They don’t have to spend time talking to me and getting fitted for a bike—they come in and get going on the fun stuff they really want to do. And the streamlined experience helps elsewhere,” he added. “When they get the automated follow-up emails—another time saver for me—they’re more likely to give good reviews. I’m ranked number 6 on TripAdvisor, with a 5-star rating.”

Peek Pro not only saves Koirala and his customers time, but he’s also seen substantial cost savings with the software. “Time is money, so Peek Pro saves quite a bit,” he said. “About $500 per week, considering I can run the business with minimal help thanks to Peek Pro’s wide variety of features—and I use all of them I can.”

Koirala’s experience with Peek Pro has been so positive that he has a unique way of expressing it. “I’m married to Peek,” he said. “Everything from the software itself to the support is top notch—I can’t imagine ever working with another online booking partner.”

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