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About Escape Room Police

An experienced business owner, Konstantin Rabchenkov decided that he wanted to work in the entertainment industry. Remembering his experience at an escape room in Europe, Rabchenkov decided to sell his business and launch an escape room in the United States, Escape Room Police. He has since expanded his business to five different locations.

Since their opening, the goal of every Escape Room Police mission is to build communication and foster creative thinking. “Most of our rooms don’t involve technology, so participants work together and use their ingenuity to find the solution.”

The Problem

Rabchenkov’s previous online booking partner did not have the features he needed to support a growing business. “I wanted an online booking partner with an easy-to-use system and customizable features that would help me increase my sales,” he said. “My previous booking partner couldn’t help me with this.”

Rabchenkov also needed to consolidate his business operations, so he didn’t spend too much time on emails and phone calls, and was interested in an online booking partner with a mobile app. It was also important to him that he partner with a company that provides quick and valuable customer service.

The Solution

Since switching to Peek, sales has been the biggest boom for Rabchenkov—he’s seen a 30% increase in sales. “Peek’s user friendly system benefits me and the customer,” he said. “The customer can book easily and I have an organized way of managing my bookings. My employees also find Peek easy to navigate.”

Rabchenkov also saves 2 man hours a day with Peek for a total of 730 man hours saved annually. He no longer sends numerous emails or makes an endless amount of phone calls.

Peek’s mobile app also saves Rabchenkov time. “I have two phones, an Android and iPhone. Peek has an app for both devices, which makes it easy to manage my business on-the-go.”

When questions come up, he can contact Peek’s stellar Partner Support Team. “Peek’s customer support team is quick to respond and gives insightful answers to all my questions.”

However, for Rabchenkov, what makes Peek stand out are the many features it has to offer. He currently uses Peek’s Waivers feature, which allows customers to sign online before the start of their activity. “Peek makes my life way easier. I’m still discovering all the many features that can help me grow and improve my business.”

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