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About Escape Room Brunswick

Roland Lacombe is no stranger to the adventure business. However, after years of experience owning his own adventure park, Lacombe decided to try his hand at a different kind of adventure, one based on the mind. “I went to Texas for a conference and training [on adventure parks] and had the opportunity to try an escape room,” he said. “I found them fascinating, so I tried a few more that week and really enjoyed it.”

He liked them so much that he decided to open his own escape room, Escape Room Brunswick in Maine—and the rest is history.

The Problem

Lacombe wanted to boost his sales while keeping his customers at the forefront. He decided to try an online booking partner to increase his visibility and allow immediate booking. “Online booking provides quick service,” he said. “This is important to me because customers expect fast and quality service.”

Lacombe was also interested in saving time by streamlining his business operations, from reducing unnecessary phone calls and emails to automating customer communications, business reports and more.

However, he struggled to find a partner that could help him do everything he wanted: grow his business, keep his customers in mind, consolidate operations and provide customers with a fast booking process. Lacombe’s prior online booking partner did not give him much control and did not grant him flexibility to customize his operations.

Online privacy also proved to be an issue. Before finding Peek, Lacombe’s previous online booking partner revealed too much information about his availability. “I didn’t like that [the system] displayed how many spots were left in each time slot. My competitors could see how busy we were, or weren’t.”

The Solution

After researching other online booking partners, Lacombe settled on Peek. “I looked into other booking systems, but I liked Peek because of its many features that help grow my business and keep the customer experience in mind.”

Peek’s quick, automatic booking was the biggest boon for Lacombe, not only in sales, but in time as well. Since using Peek, he’s seen a 30% increase in bookings thanks to the convenience of booking at all times of the day and the ability to reach out to customers using the Abandoned Bookings feature. Plus, the automated emails save him at least 2 man hours a day and Peek saves him an additional hour or more from phone calls for a total of 1,100 hours saved annually.

Peek’s customizable features also let Lacombe have more control over his business, while also benefitting the customer. “People want instant gratification. With Peek, customers can see what’s available online, then book and automatically receive a confirmation.” This direct pathway between Lacombe and his customers makes communication easier and faster.

Lack of privacy is also now a non-issue for Lacombe. Instead of showing the exact number of slots open, Peek’s calendar just shows what activities have availability. This way, competitors can only see Lacombe’s bookings. Meanwhile, Lacombe also appreciated Peek’s easy installation process and friendly service. “Alex [a Peek representative] was really helpful and knowledgeable.”

Lacombe also loves the additional gains he sees from using Peek. He receives valuable insights on how to maintain his success. “I like listening to the webinars,” he said. “I’m learning a lot on how to grow my business and optimize all of Peek’s features. I’m going to continue to listen and find ways to increase my bookings and provide great customer experiences.”

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