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About Corporate Helicopters of San Diego

For 25 years, Corporate Helicopters of San Diego has provided aerial tours, charters, aerial filming and just about any other service imaginable by helicopter. Founded by a husband and wife team, the company allowed the owners to parlay their passion for flying and photography into a way of life—and a bustling business.

The Problem

The company was processing all bookings manually, but they wanted a simple way for customers to book on their website—and increase the company’s conversions. “Our online sales were dropping because we didn’t have anything in place to give the customer a chance to purchase straight from our site,” said Julie Parnell, Director of Marketing.

The manual workflow also robbed them of time they wanted to spend focusing on other parts of the business. “The process of taking every reservation over the phone took far too long.”

The Solution

Peek Pro solved both problems in a flash. “It quickly created a bridge to online bookings,” Parnell said. “Our internal system for tracking bookings shows the increase in online sales through Peek Pro.”

The time savings became apparent after a short time as well. “I love the marketing aspect of it. During our busiest time of the year, Peek Pro made it possible to put more time into providing a great experience to our customers.”

As an additional benefit, Parnell also likes how the Peek team jumps in and helps when necessary. “We enjoy the customer experience when reaching out to Partner Support. We’re just seeing a seamless experience across all aspects of our business.”

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