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About Avenue Escape Rooms

Like many people in recent years, Nick Pryor was curious about the emerging escape game trend, so he and some friends decided to try one out. They had so much fun that, after digesting the experience and breaking down the pieces of what it might take to create something similar, they decided to make their own.

The team put together a plan, and 7 months later they opened the doors to their first game at the newly formed Clue Avenue in San Diego. “We want our games to be as entertaining as the one that inspired us, and also be mentally stimulating,” Pryor said. To that end, they gave their games more thought-provoking puzzles. “We wanted to come up with something that led to conversations among players after the game,” Pryor said.

For their first game, they created a super villain’s lair, where players are tasked with saving San Diego County from a poisonous substance set to be released 60 minutes after the clock starts ticking.

The Problem

From the get-go, Pryor and his partners knew that enlisting an online reservation system was the most sensible and cost effective way to go. They took an unusual—and effective—path with their research though, deciding to look at what other escape room companies were doing. So they got online and went through a few booking flows.

“An intuitive front end was very important to us,” Pryor said. “We wanted to ensure customers would have an easy time while booking. But the first few we reviewed were clunky, took too long and had unappealing designs.”

Pryor eventually came across an online reservation system he and his crew thought worked better on all fronts—and they knew exactly who to call when they saw “Powered by Peek” in the corner of the booking flow.

The Solution

Peek’s booking flow was just the tip of the iceberg for Pryor and company. After experiencing a Peek Pro demo, they were just as sold on the back end as they were on the front end.

“There’s no monthly fee, which, of course, we like,” Pryor said. “Plus, it automates more than we even thought was possible. Waivers, reports and emails especially. Because customers automatically get emails that remind them to review us, we already have 34 write-ups on Yelp after just 5 months—and a good reputation since they add up to a 5-star rating.”

If Pryor liked Peek Pro’s front end when he first saw it in action, he was even more impressed when he installed the new booking flow on his site. “I love the look,” he said. “It’s customizable, clean and easy for customers to use. And that’s very important because 95% of our bookings come through Peek.”

Pryor also appreciates Peek Pro’s integration, including working with Google Calendar. “It’s a huge time saver,” he said. “I don’t know how I could live without it. It’s my primary way of communicating with employees and syncing their schedules.”

According to Pryor, it all adds up to huge time savings. “All the automation and integration saves us 3 hours of what would be tedious, manual work every day. All told, I’m glad we made the decision we did, because I feel like Peek Pro gives us the whole package.”

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