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About Chocolates KaoKao

Chocolates KaoKao, a family-operated company making handmade chocolates in Cozumel, Mexico, opened up shop in 2007—but the roots of the business go back a lot further. “Chocolate is deeply rooted in the Mexican culture,” said Maryline Justice, the owner of the business. In fact, the passion Maryline and family have for chocolate goes back to the ancient Mayans, who counted cacao among their most sacred foods (a point on which many modern cultures in and outside of Mexico agree

Beyond making delicious chocolates, Maryline and co. also give tours of their factory to show visitors and locals alike how they practice their trade.

And Maryline’s passions don’t stop at chocolate. The company also invests in their community, the environment, fair trade practices and more, earning the prestigious Empresa Socialmente Responsable (Socially Responsible Business) certification for their contributions.

The Problem

Before signing on with an online booking partner, Maryline took reservations via phone and email. Not only did she see this as a time-consuming method, but her conversions suffered from it as well. “I lost customers because many emails got buried or went into my spam folders,” she said.

Time was also a factor that Maryline wanted some help with from an online booking partner. “I had a calendar and an Excel spreadsheet I used for availability, and had to check those every time an email booking came through,” she said. “I also needed a way to avoid making mistakes when entering bookings.”

Lastly, Maryline looked to expand the business’ potential, wanting to add more tours and get more people on them. A solution presented itself when a colleague referred Maryline to Peek.

The Solution

Researching Peek, Maryline immediately saw that it addressed her most important concerns with a multitude of helpful features. “When I saw that it was going to save us time, I wanted to use it,” she said. “The entire booking process is automated—I don’t have to send a confirmation to any of the customers because Peek Pro does it for me. And same with the calendar,” she added. “I don’t have to check a spreadsheet because it’s all done automatically. It saves me at least 3 hours of work every week.”

 And without having to take email reservations, conversions see a strong improvement. “I was losing probably 2 out of every 10 customers because of missed emails,” she said, ‘so conversions automatically go up 20% with Peek Pro.”

Maryline’s wish to expand has also become a reality due in part to Peek, through the time she saves and the extra revenue the business earns with increased conversions. “I have more exposure,” she said. “I’ve been able to create four new tours in the time I’ve been using Peek, and I get more bookings for them per week.”

While Peek Pro took care of all of Maryline’s primary concerns, she found more value in it than she expected. “The reports are very helpful,” she said. “I want to track the movement of all our revenue, and Peek makes it easy to do week-to-week comparisons,” she said. “And the partner support is superb,” she added. “I feel confident in creating even more tours, and I know the great people at Peek always have our back.”

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