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About Darin’s Kitchen Table

Chef Darin Sehnert has been sharing his passion and talent for cooking with people in the Savannah area since 1994. After teaching classes at a hotel for 9 years, Sehnert decided to go into business for himself and open Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table.

Chef Darin’s goal is to teach his clients excellent culinary technique and provide them with detailed knowledge of the ingredients they use. “Every recipe has a story to tell and something to teach.”

The Problem

Sehnert wanted an online booking partner that would help him streamline his business operations, including saving time on the backend, increase his bookings and help him establish his online reputation. It was also important that his booking partner have excellent customer service when questions about the system come up.

However, Sehnert’s previous online booking partner was limited in its number of features and tools that could support his growing business. After researching other online booking partners, Sehnert settled on Peek.

The Solution

Since switching to Peek, Sehnert’s online bookings increased to 80%. “I’m a one-man operation, teaching classes and managing my business, so I can’t always get to the phone to take a reservation. Peek’s automatic system is super convenient.”

With Peek’s Abandoned Bookings feature, Sehnert recaptures over $10K in bookings annually. “I can’t wait to capitalize more with the Abandoned Bookings feature!”

Peek’s Smart Reviews feature helps him further his stellar reputation. He has over 300 reviews, a 5-star rating and Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor and a 5-star Google Reviews rating. “It’s helpful that Peek directs customers right to my review pages!”

Sehnert is most impressed with Peek’s Support Team and reports 100% satisfaction. “Peek’s support team fully guided me through the onboarding process and made the transition to Peek’s system easy,” he said. “And whenever I call for assistance, I always get a quick and helpful response. Every representative I speak to genuinely cares about my business.”

He’s also grateful for Peek’s Clone Bookings feature, which saves him time on the backend. “I have a client from Atlanta who wanted to take multiple classes,” he said. “So I cloned her booking instead of making an entirely new reservation. Clone Bookings are useful for repeat clients and clients who want to schedule multiple classes.”

Peek’s mobile app also saves Sehnert time by giving him the ability to manage his business on-the-go. “I regularly use the mobile app to check my inventory and manage my reservations.”

Sehnert is extremely glad that he made the switch to Peek. “From Peek’s excellent and responsive customer service to its functionality—I appreciate everything that Peek does to help my business!”

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