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About Catoctin Creek Distillery

A lover of liquor of all types, Scott Harris traded his successful career in software to follow his dream of opening and running his own distillery with his wife, Becky.

Founded in 2009, Catoctin Creek Distillery was the first legal distillery in Virginia’s Loudoun County since the Prohibition. Originally a wholesale distributor and manufacturer, Catoctin has since expanded into tours, tastings and special events. Eight years later, they continue to produce the finest spirits in Virginia by hand.

The Problem

Thanks to a change in Virginia’s liquor laws, Catoctin was able to open a tasting room. Now a customer-facing business, Harris needed a way to manage his booking flow, especially group reservations, and streamline his business operations. “We offer lots of special events, tours and tastings” he said. “We had a difficult time tracking reservations, which affected our staffing for events.”

It was also important for Harris that his booking system integrate seamlessly into his website with customizable features. He was also interested in building Catoctin’s brand and reputation.

Harris’s previous online booking partner could not provide him with the tools necessary to accomplish his goals and so, he decided that it was time to make the switch to Peek.

The Solution

Since partnering with Peek, 50% of Harris’ bookings are now online. “Booking online essentially locks in reservations, so we can easily plan staff schedules.” For special events, Harris requires customers book online only, since he trusts Peek’s system can handle their bookings.

He also likes how Peek’s booking widget integrates into his website. “I like that I can add custom photos to the widget. It blends really well into my website and looks good across all user interfaces and platforms.”

Harris’ favorite parts of Peek are the many features that make his daily operations easier, particularly Advanced Pricing. “I like how flexible we can be with the pricing,” he said. “We use Advanced Pricing to add 18% gratuity for groups of 6 or more. We also use minimum pricing for large groups.” Harris even found a clever way to optimize Peek’s Add-ons feature, using them as gratuities for large groups.

Harris also appreciates Peek’s Smart Reviews feature, which automatically reaches out to the customer. Catoctin was awarded a 2016 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. “We get reviews coming in every week. I have mostly 4 and 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor,” he said. “Plus, I like that I can manage any bad reviews.”

In addition, Peek’s user-friendly system also saves Harris time on the backend—saving up to 156 man-hours annually in administrative work. “I like that I can easily use the Customers Tool to download and import email addresses to add to our newsletter.” Peek’s mobile app also reduces check-in time. “Before, we had to create spreadsheets to check people in. Now, we have PeekPro open on our iPad stations in the tasting room to easily check in customers.”

Harris is extremely satisfied with Peek and glad that he made the switch. “I can’t think of anything we don’t use Peek for,” he said. “We use Peek for everything.”

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