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About Bike and Brew ATX

After Adam Watt finished with college, he started traveling the world, including stints working as a tour guide. No matter where he went, he found people sharing stories of their lives, towns and culture over a cold beer. While passing through San Francisco, he helped a friend run bicycle tours around the city, and an idea started brewing.

Watt’s path led him to Austin, Texas, where he combined his passions by founding Bike and Brew ATX. Watt and his fellow guides take visitors and locals of all stripes to some of the finest breweries, wineries and distilleries in Austin by bike—and share stories the entire way. “I kind of describe myself as a professional friend,” Watt said. “The tours are active because you’re on a bike, and the conversation keeps rolling because you’re having beers and other drinks along the way.”

The Problem

While he was designing the Bike and Brew’s website, he had an idea of how he wanted the online reservation system to work, and he started researching possible online booking partners. He drew out wire frames of how he wanted the site to look and work, and needed a partner that would fit with his ideas.

He knew the booking process had to be super easy for customers—and simple for him to manage on the back end. He also recognized the value of getting good online reviews, so he wanted a system that could help with that—in addition to making running business as easy and automated as possible.

The Solution

During his research, Watt stumbled upon Peek Pro. “It seemed perfect for what we were looking for,” he said. After a little more due diligence, he made the leap and partnered with Peek.

“Trent was super helpful and clear in communicating,” Watt said of Peek’s onboarding process. “Peek also had some great tips for building my site. They ended up creating it for me, and I get a ton of compliments about it.”

Peek Pro’s booking flow has exactly the front- and back-end ease Watt had in mind, and his sales spiked after he installed the booking widget. “My site traffic increased, and bookings and revenue both went up by about 25%,” he said.

With added customers comes more opportunity for increasing online reputation, so Watt implemented Peek Pro’s Smart Reviews feature right away as well, knowing it would prompt customers to review their Bike and Brew experience. “In just a few months, I’m already ranked seventh on TripAdvisor under food & drink activities in Austin,” he said. “That’s a huge boon for the business.”

Watt also enjoys the overall ease of using Peek Pro to run his business. “It’s super easy all the way around,” he said. “I can update my schedule, update reservations and more in seconds.

“And when I need a little help, the customer service is spectacular,” he added. “I pull up the little instant message portal and someone always gets right back to me. I really like the people who work at Peek. They understand businesses like mine, and they’re always there when I need them.”

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