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About Bay Area Firearms

After 9/11, Scott Jackson wanted to teach people how to properly use firearms to protect themselves. One week later, Bay Area Firearms Training Group was formed.

Founded by experts with years of experience teaching at police academies and large combat schools, Bay Area Firearms offers a variety of classes aimed at promoting proper firearms techniques, including marksmanship improvement and defensive shooting techniques and tips. They also offer distance training and shooting lessons using semi-automatics, rifles and Glocks.

Bay Area Firearms remains dedicated to promoting safety and fun. “Whether they are beginners or professionals, our customers leave class confident in their shooting technique and safety skills.”


The Problem

Without an online booking partner, Jackson struggled to maintain a steady stream of sales and needed a partner that could help him increase his bookings. He was also interested in reaching out to a new kind of customer—those who want want a seamless booking process without having to make phone calls or send multiple emails.

It was also important to Jackson that the customer remained informed of what they’re paying for, even after the booking process. He needed a simple way to make sure customers received all the essential information about their booking.

With a clear vision for his business in mind, Jackson knew he needed to make the switch to an online booking partner in order to achieve his goals: increase sales, expand his customer outreach and streamline business operations.

The Solution

After researching online booking partners, Jackson settled on Peek. “I partnered with Peek because of their front-end experience,” he said. “I knew that they’d help me accomplish all of the things I want to do.”

Sales is the biggest boon for Jackson. Since partnering with Peek, he’s seen a 30% increase in sales, thanks to the convenience of booking online. “Online booking caters to the customer and my business,” he said. “Customers can book without having to interact with anyone while the ability to book 24 hours a day increases my sales.”

Automatic emails also save Jackson at least 2-3 hours a day for a total of 1,100 man hours saved daily. “I used to send numerous emails and make an endless amount of phone calls,” he said. “Now, my email and phone call reduction rate is at 90% and customers receive all the necessary information about their bookings.”

Peek’s automatic payment process also saves Jackson some time. He no longer worries about whether or not he’ll get paid.

Jackson is glad that he partnered with Peek and appreciates its excellent service and dedication to partners and customers. “I love that Peek keeps the customers in mind and makes running my business easier.”

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