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About Bad Wolf Ghost Tours

Tour guide by trade, paranormal investigator by hobby, Wolf Holt decided it was time to merge the two together and open his own ghost walk in San Antonio, Bad Wolf Ghost Tours. “It was a natural progression, really.”

Bad Wolf Ghost Tours takes sightseers on a journey through San Antonio’s alleyways, busy streets and ancient grounds as a lively tour guide recounts tales of murder, rituals and more. Every tour receives a set of ghost detecting equipment to search for apparitions along the way. Holt’s tours have gained a large following with locals and visitors alike. Holt currently ranks #1 in Nightlife in San Antonio on TripAdvisor and won a 2016 Certificate of Excellent.

The Problem

Before partnering with Peek, Holt took reservations manually by phone, spending upwards of 20 hours per week. “I was super old school before Peek. I took reservations on the phone and kept track of them in a notebook. We offer three tours in San Antonio, so it was a long phone process to sign people up.”

Holt’s reservation method was not only time consuming, it was also risky. Since he took reservations by phone, he did not accept payments in advance–only cash when guests arrived for their tour. “Without an online booking system to keep track of our reservations, I risked losing my notebook, which meant losing everything, including reservations and customer information,” he said. “Or, sometimes we’d book large groups of people and they wouldn’t show up for their tour. That’s business we lost.” The opportunity to save time and secure business came when a Peek representative contacted Holt.

The Solution

Using Peek Pro, Holt saves over 1,000 hours annually. Thanks to the convenience of online booking, Holt no longer has to spend time on the phone scheduling tours. Most importantly, he always gets paid, even if customers don’t show up.

Meanwhile, Holt is able to maintain a stronger pulse over his business by using Peek’s Smart Reviews feature. Bad Wolf Ghost Tours ranks #1 in San Antonio under Nightlife. Since using Smart Reviews, Holt’s seen an increase in the quality of reviews he receives. “I noticed that people leave better, more detailed reviews.” With more feedback, Holt can make sure he does more of what his customers want, and address any concerns.

However, his favorite Peek Pro feature is Kiosk Mode on the Peek Pro mobile app. “I love that I can see, in real time, when my tour guides check guests in using the mobile app. When I see guests check in, I know everything is running smoothly.”

Overall, Holt is thankful for his partnership with Peek. Not only has Peek saved him time and provided him with the tools he needs to manage his business better, the company has given him more free time to explore his other passions. “Using Peek Pro has completely changed my lifestyle. Now I have free time to do more of the things I love.”

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