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About Avital Food Tours

Avital Food Tours expanded the idea of the typical food tour and turned it into an all-encompassing event. They create 4-course experiences where each course happens at a different neighborhood restaurant. And guests don’t just eat, they go behind the scenes into kitchens to talk to chefs and restaurant owners, coming away with more than satisfied stomachs—also with the stories behind the food, the restaurants and the local culture.

The Problem

According to Avital Ungar, Owner of Avital Food Tours, the previous online booking partner she used prior to Peek wasn’t meeting their needs. “The booking flow felt long, back-end management was lacking and there weren’t enough customization options,” Ungar said. When looking for a new partner, efficiency was high on Ungar’s want list.

The Solution

After extensive research, Ungar found Peek Pro hit the most and best notes to help optimize her operation. “The main reason we signed on is because Peek has the best product out there for helping run our business with the most efficiency,” Ungar said.

That effect spanned from the customer experience to her own. “Peek Pro reduces the time it takes customers to go through our booking flow,” Ungar said. “It also reduces the friction for backend management and assigning guides. It saves us much more time than our previous system because it makes our operations a lot more efficient.”

Ungar found the customization options she was looking for as well. “Creating tours with a drag and drop, creating private events, customizing emails, customizing the look and feel of the booking flow—Peek Pro is the most customizable system in the market.”

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