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About All Star Fishing Charters

For more than 30 years, Gary Krein has had the good fortune of making a living pursuing his passion. He and his late wife, Susan, started All Star Fishing Charters out of Everett, Washington, near Seattle, as their only source of income, and Krein has never looked back. His expertise has lent him the nickname “the professor of Puget Sound.”

Krein is also heavily involved with promoting Puget Sound—and protecting the fish he takes customers out to catch. He’s president of the Charterboat Association of Puget Sound, a member of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Citizen Sportfishing Advisory Board, and on the board of directors of the National Association of Charterboat Operators.

While Krein got into the business due to his love of fishing, he says that the best part of it is meeting and building new friendships with people from all over the world who hire him to take them out on his 28-foot fishing boat, Morning Star.

The Problem

Before signing on with an online booking partner, Krein and his wife managed all reservations by phone. “We were spending a minimum of 5 hours a day on the phone during our busiest times,” Krein said. “I’ve always been a person who likes experimenting with the latest technology that out there for the business,” he said, “but Susan preferred doing things the old fashioned way.”

Eventually, Krein found himself overwhelmed, and needed to bring on some help. His tech-y side led him to research online booking partners. “I wanted to save time and streamline my operation,” he said. What he found showed more promise than he’d realized.

The Solution

Peek Pro turned out to be exactly the answer Krein had been seeking. First and foremost, it drastically cut down his phone time. “It was 5 hours a day before, but now I’m on the phone an hour at most during my busy times,” he said. “Usually a lot less than that. At least 80% of my bookings this season have come through Peek—and that’s more than 1,000 bookings.”

Online bookings aren’t the only thing that saves him time. Krein also enjoyed automated emails. “They’re incredibly helpful,” he said. “Confirmations, reminders, follow-ups—everything is really helpful since I don’t have to answer emails manually now.”

And the automated follow-ups do more than save time. Krein lauds the automatic follow-up emails for helping with his online reputation. “I love how I can send happy customers to TripAdvisor,” he said. “And in less than a year with Peek Pro I’ve gotten almost 300 new online reviews.”

Another helpful Peek Pro features is integration with Google Calendar. “It’s yet another time saver,” he said. “It’s very helpful for my army of captains, so they can see where they’re assigned. There are a lot of favorite features to pick from, but that one is certainly up there.”

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