Supercharge Your Rental Fleet: 5 Reasons to Rent Electric Bikes

This is a post by Joe Samsel, Rental Fleet Specialist at Rad Power Bikes North America’s largest electric bike company. Joe has helped a large number of companies improve their rental businesses with e-bikes. Here he shares some of his insight and personal experience on how e-bikes can bring more growth and success to your rental business.

From the first pedal stroke on an electric bike (or “e-bike”), people feel the fun of riding a bike again, just like they did when they were a kid. This feeling is partly why we’re seeing extreme growth in e-bike popularity worldwide. E-bikes are quickly becoming a must-have for rental shops, retreats and guided tours.

Electric bikes may look like a standard bicycle, but don’t be fooled they feel more like a jet! A battery-operated motor gives riders an extra power boost through levels of pedal assistance, or a half-twist throttle (on-demand power like a scooter). The rider selects as much support as they want to reach a maximum speed of 20 mph and cover up to 45 miles per charge.

Electric bikes give people of all abilities the chance to explore without being held back by hills or headwinds: no need to worry about getting too tired or going too far. With e-bikes, your visitors can fully enjoy and appreciate where they’re riding. At the same time, your business can gain new customers and extra exposure by offering one of the hottest modes of transportation.

I’ve shared below a few key reasons why YOU should be making e-bike rentals part of your business and give your growth a turbo boost!


Customers will seek out your e-bikes for a chance to ride the latest trend, but also because not everyone has the ability to own one. Your customers would need to spend $2000-$3000 to purchase their own e-bike a rental or tour gives them the same experience for around $40-$120. And, it’s much easier for you to start an e-bike tour or rental business, or add e-bikes to an existing operation, than it would be to start a retail store. For example, selling e-bikes through a retail store would cost north of $100,000 just to get started. The investment is much smaller with rentals, and you’ll start earning revenue much faster than trying to sell big-ticket items.


E-bikes level the playing field between riders. They allow everyone from avid cyclists to those who haven’t been on a bike in years to join in on the fun. As multi-generational vacations become more common, this activity is a perfect way for the entire family to have fun together. Teenagers can pedal while Grandpa cruises (or vice versa)!


Being able to advertise and mention e-bikes alone will add a new angle (and keyword) to your advertisements. With carefully designed ads on Google and other search engines, as well as a well-planned promotion on Groupon, LivingSocial and similar websites, you can get customers in right away. ​In addition, the eye-catching nature of the e-bikes will pull people into your business who are looking to learn more and take a ride!


No matter where your operation is based, an e-bike can let visitors see it all. They can reach places where cars, buses, walks and even segways can’t take them. With the motor, they can travel long distances, conquer hills, or safely navigate a city. Plus, an e-bike with wider “fat tires” can tackle any terrain, including sandy beaches, gravel roads, mountain trails, or snowy hills. The possibilities are endless!       

Find hidden gems with e-bikes like this beautiful lake in the heart of the North Cascade Mountain Range!


Since everyone can go at the same pace, group rentals or guided tours are another often requested benefit. No one has to worry about falling behind. Instead, visitors can focus on what’s going on around them and enjoy the tour or scenery.           

Electric bikes are an exciting revenue generator and a great new add-on to your business. Whether you’re looking for ways to expand your business, offer new tours or find ways to set you apart from your competitors, e-bikes just might be the solution for you!

Our active fleets are reporting increases in profits directly related to the introduction of our e-bikes to their business. We’d love to work with you too!

You can reach out to Joe via email​ or visit the Rad Power Bikes website for more information​.

Here’s what Peek Partner and Rad Power Bikes client Big Sur Adventures had to say:

“I needed a bike that would help average people climb the steep hills here. The most economical (and ‘cool’) choice I could find was Rad Power Bikes. It’s not uncommon to have one fit rider (who can do just as well without an e-bike) go along with an ordinary rider. But they want to share their bike love with friends & family. The e-bike levels the playing field and gets them together. Customer feedback has been great. Pretty universally, everyone is really excited and has a great time.”