Get Set for Summer: Watch the Workshops!

What a kick off to the summer season! With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, Peek Pro wanted to make sure you were fully equipped to enter your peak season with all the tools necessary to make this your biggest year yet!

That’s why we brought together five industry experts for an online event to arm you with some useful tips from three awesome workshops.

Check out the information below to find links to recordings and anything else you may have missed!

Session 1: How to Effectively Use Facebook Ads (on Any Budget)

Chris Torres – Director, Tourism Marketing Agency

Our good friend Chris Torres gave a super tactical workshop showing you how to create an implement an effective Facebook ads strategy, including tips on what kind of ads to use, how to target effectively, how much to spend and what content really helps engage potential customers. This is stuff you can apply TODAY to start seeing results – not one to miss!

Click here to watch the recording!


Session 2: Get More Customers, Scale Operations and Drive Profits in your Tour or Activity

Josh Oakes – Founder, The Sunshine Tribe & Kelsey Tonner – Founder, Be a Better Guide Project

Industry titans Josh Oakes and Kelsey Tonner are not short on experience. Having previously ran tours and worked as a guide respectively, their insights are super helpful to any tour operator not sure where to take their business next. In this session, they take us through a wealth of tips on how to effectively scale your operations, expand your reach and get back to doing the things you do best.

Click here to watch the recording!

Session 3: What Gets People to Buy?

Drew Renner – Former Operator and Tourism Business Coach Samantha Hardcastle – Founder, Amore Social

This pair are a force to be reckoned with. Drew is a former tour operator and has used his vast experience to help other operators to get where they need to be with their business. Samantha is a social media marketing champion and encourages operators to share their story as a way to engage and attract customers. In this session, they go through some of the ways to stand out from the crowd and attract the customers that YOU want.

Click here to watch the recording!