Reduce No-Shows in Your Tour, Activity, or Rental Business

No-shows can have a negative impact on your tour or activity business.

This is especially true if you need a minimum number of guests to coordinate an experience.

It’s true some no-shows are unavoidable, but there are measures you can take to prevent them from becoming a regular occurrence.

Here are 4 tips to help reduce no-show rates for your tour or activity business:

1. Charge a rescheduling or no-show fee.

One option is to consider charging a $10 fee to customers who want to change their booking less than 2 days in advance, or who do not show up.

If you decide to go this route, make sure your Terms and Conditions clearly state any fees or charges you impose for no-shows. Ensure that your guests agree to follow these Terms and Conditions when they complete their booking.

With Peek Pro, you can ensure your guests agree to your Terms and Conditions with custom questions.

2. Be easy to contact.

We looked at 50 of our Partners’ websites, and found that 12 didn’t have their contact information listed!

It’s important for many reasons that your customers, and potential customers, are able to contact you. However, especially in the case that a guest has a change of plans, it’s important they know how to contact you to cancel their tour.

12 out of 50 operators didn’t have their contact information listed on their website.

Ensure that your contact information is listed both on your website, and when you register your business with Google. This way, your customers can easily get in touch with you for last minute questions, or cancellations.

3. Send your guests text reminders.

If your staff has the capacity, you can send your guests friendly text reminders of their upcoming experience. Craft a simple message that communicates your excitement to see the guest soon. Just don’t forget to state in your Terms and Conditions policy that guests can expect to receive text alerts from you!

Peek Pro’s mobile app lets you contact guests directly via the app, simply by searching for the guest’s name.

4. Set up email reminders.

Keep your guests enthusiastic about their experience with you by staying in contact with them. This will also give them the opportunity to contact you about any changes to the time or date of their booking.

With Peek, you can schedule emails and customize them to your business’s needs. Scheduling these emails allows you to remain on your guest’s mind without having to take time out of your (busy) day!