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About Art By Fire

Art & Sharon Freas have been hooked on the art of glassblowing since they took glassblowing classes at Art By Fire for their 25th wedding anniversary. After taking classes there for years, the couple decided to follow their passion for glass working full time. “When the original owners retired, we decided to pick up the business.”

Located in Issaquah, Washington, Art By Fire is a glass school and gallery that teaches glassblowing, lampworking and jewelry-making. Their goal is to share their love of glass with everyone who visits and to teach people the art of glassblowing.

The Problem

Before Peek, the Freasdid not have an online booking system, and instead managed their business entirely by hand. This proved to be inefficient, since they offer many classes with unique schedules. According to Sharon, “I used a binder and paper to keep track of reservations. Customers would come to the school and sign their names by hand.”

Art & Sharon also lacked a fast and convenient way for customers to book. Customers had to call or visit the studio in order to make a reservation. When Peek called, Sharon saw an opportunity to streamline her business operations and a way to give her customers a better booking experience.

The Solution

The Freas’ transition to Peek was quick and smooth. Karina recalls, “We set everything up–our calendar, activities, and emails–in one shot!”

What impresses her most, though, is how flexible Peek’s system proves to be. Sharon no longer has to rely on her binder to schedule guests and to see what customers booked for the day. Instead, she can look at her Peek Calendar and download her customer manifest.

She reports a 30% time savings, and estimates an even bigger time savings as she continues to learn the system. “Peek is very flexible. They can accommodate the different classes we have and the different ways we do the classes. With Peek, we always find new ways to update our schedule and improve the way we do things.”

Sharon also reports an increase in sales since switching to Peek. She attributes Peek’s streamlined booking flow, which creates a better experience for her customers, for the increase. “The ‘Book Now’ widgets installed on our website are probably my favorite Peek Pro feature because they make it easy for my customers to book,” she said. “Customers also don’t mind paying a small convenience fee. I ended up putting my more expensive six week classes online–and customers still booked! The convenience of booking online is definitely worth the price for these customers.”

The Freas are excited about their partnership with Peek and are always eager to learn more about the ways Peek can help them grow their business. “I love Peek’s tips and tricks emails that give us advice on how to fully utilize our account! They’re one of the few businesses whose emails I actually read.”

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