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    Beth Sholom Synagogue Tour

    Heather and Sammy were fantastic guides! Their enthusiasm radiated to our entire group and it felt like one big party!
    Our team had a great time. The logistics were easy to arrange, we got great service at all of our stops, and Matt and Dom added to the fun. This was a great way for our team to spend time together!
    We had a great time! But I can't give it a very satisfied rating for two reasons. One-shouldn't tell people to arrive an hour early to sign paperwork. But maybe that's a way for the bar to make money since our group of 15 had a $300 bill. I really think there should be more of a discount on drinks instead of just $1 off. You bring these bars a lot of money! Second maybe you should change going to the second bar I think it was milligans. Couldn't really even get to the barthere was an obnoxious amount of people there. All of us couldn't even get a drink and no drink discount! Milligans was a complete waste of time. Other 2 were good. That's it but would definitely recommend it!
    My family & I had a wounderful time celebrating my birthday. Thanks again for all making this experience #Epic!
    My friends and I had an incredible time. The staff was amazing, knowledgable and were great doen to every detail- even the music they played for us.