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Bouldering in Fontainebleau, Trekking in Tibet, Sea-kayaking in Thailand, Zip-lining in Laos,

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A Little Time In The Trees.On The Lam In London.Bucket Showers & Dawn Strolls

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      • Bucket Showers & Dawn Strolls
      • Tom's Namibia Day
        Etendeka Mountain Camp • Nature Walk • Game Drive • Shower • Sundowners. • Sleep • Stargaze • I would stay at: Etendeka Mountain Camp
      • Under 'Other Experiences Nearby', Google Places has listed 'Southern Africa' - rather a broad category I feel, but then again when has Google ever steered me wrong? For all those not getting the attempt at humour, google 'recursion'.

        In any case, none of this really matters, the Etendeka Mountain Camp is about an hour or two from the nearest dirt road, and the turn-off from that road is about 6 hours from Windhoek. You are truly in the middle of nowhere, and that is the beauty of it all.
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      • On The Lam In London.
      • Tom's London Day
        Valtaro Soup & Sandwich Bar • National Gallery • Koenig's Books • The Chandos • Arnold & Henderson • Saatchi Gallery • Dover Street Market • Mr Hare • Gordon's Wine Bar • St. John Bread and Wine • Plastic People • Trishas Aka The Hideout • Ballan's • I would stay at: St. John's Hotel
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      • A Little Time In The Trees.
      • Tom's Bokeo Day
        Bokeo Nature Reserve • Gibbon Spotting • Lao Food • Sleep • I would stay at: Bokeo Nature Reserve
      • This is not an ideal excursion for the faint of heart, nor is it an ideal excursion for a single day - it's three days or none at all. Although, I can assure you they will prove to be some of the most gorgeous three days of your life.

        This is an experience for everyone who sat in a treehouse as a child, and was unhappy with the vista it offered: undoubtedly it was something suburban; undoubtedly the only interesting vista was the kids next door jumping on their trampoline.

        Bokeo offers more: a canopy level room, with almost uninterrupted panoramic sight lines, running water, and a little dash of electricity to charge your essentials. There is no reception, so don't even think about trying to call your friends to tell them what a great time you're having. That's not the point. Save it. Savour it.

        The only access to the rooms, and the only way to travel around the park is via zip-line, some of which are half a kilometre long. The lines are suspended anywhere from 60 to 150m above the jungle floor, which means if you are afraid of heights, this will be a resoundingly terrifying experience.
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