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  • Tim's Perfect Days (3)

      • Santorini, Atlantis Was Never Really Lost
      • Tim's Thira Day
        Enigma Cafe • Old Port Fira • Caldera Tour • Lunch at The Cave of Nicholas (H Spilia tou Nikolas) • Red Sand Beach • Oia • Taverna Katina • Pelekanos • I would stay at: Hotel Keti
      • So far you've had a busy day, so take some time to relax and enjoy one of the unique volcanic beaches of Santorini. Even if you aren't inclined to being a beach bum, you can't help be take in the beautiful environment and the calm cool waves. If you still haven't had enough beach time, you can take a boat from there to the Black and White sand beaches.
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      • City Highlights And Hidden Gems
      • Tim's Athens Day
        The Art Foundation (TAF Athens) • Ακρόπολη Αθηνών (Acropolis of Athens) • Μουσείο Ακρόπολης (Acropolis Museum) • Ο Τζίτζικας κι ο Μέρμηγκας • Brettos Bar • Διόσκουροι (Dioskouroi) • A for Athens • I would stay at: A for Athens (Rooms and Appartments)
      • After lunch, explore the shops near Syntagma on Ermou, and slowly make your way towards Plaka. Here you'll find Brettos Bar where they serve their own liquors made of traditional Greek friuts you may not otherwise find. Before you leave, buy a bottle of the brilliantly colored hooch for your friends back home.
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      • Amsterdam As A Local
      • Tim's Amsterdam Day
        Greenwoods • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam • Rijksmuseum • Het Molenpad • Mike's Bike Tours Amsterdam • Wynand Fockink • Kantjil & De Tijger • HPS • I would stay at: The Dylan Amsterdam
      • After dinner, make your way to the Nieuwemarkt area and sip some fantastic cocktails in a classy speak easy. Whether you go for a classic Old Fashioned or one of the signature HPS drinks, you won't be disappointed.
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