• A Day In Georgetown
      • cmccaffrey10's Washington Day
        C&O Canal National Historical Park • Cafe Bonaparte • Georgetown University • The Exorcist Stairs • Sweetgreen • Shopping on Wisconsin and M st • Baked & Wired • Boating in DC - Key Bridge • Aqueduct Bridge • Farmers Fishers Bakers • The Tombs • Rhino Bar & Pumphouse
      • This fratty bar has a love-hate relationship with many Washingtonians - head inside and decide where you fall!

        Other bars: Ri Ra Irish Pub, Old Glory, Mason Inn.
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      • Quito's Bucket List
      • BucketPass.com's Quito Day
        Mitad del Mundo • Iglesia de la Compañía • Museo de la Ciudad • Capilla del Hombre • cable car • Quito Tour Bus (HopOn HopOff)
      • The evening is perfect for this attraction as you can watch the city while it is still sunny. Then you will see the sunset from the top of Quito's highest volcano and observe the city light up as you go down.
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      • Istanbul: #First Day
      • Badr El Boudour's Istambul Day
        Hagia Sophia • Basilica Cistern • Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) • Great Palace Mosaic Museum • Egyptian Obelisk • Turk Ve Islam Eserleri Muzesi El Sanatlari Ve Kitap Satis Magazasi • Grand Bazaar • İstanbul Sahaflar Çarşısı • Süleymaniye Camii
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      • Istanbul: #Third Day
      • Badr El Boudour's Istambul Day
        Mısır Çarşısı • galata Köprüsü • Galata Kulesi • Aznavur Pasaji • Çiçek Pasajı • Atlas Pasajı • Nevizade Sk • Istiklal Caddesi • taksim • osman bey • Nişantaşı • Citibank Cevahir Alisveris Merkezi ATM
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      • See, Eat And Dance In Istanbul!
      • Josiah's Istanbul Day
        Wander through the spice bazaar • Lunch at Hamdi Restaurant • Tour the Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) • Explore Sultahnamet Camii • Relax at Cemberlitas Hamami • Dinner and drinks at 360 Istanbul • Party on Asmali Mescit • Late night food @ Kizilkayalar
      • Much less touristy than the Grand Bazaar and full of delicious nuts, fruits, spices and Turkish Delight!
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      • A City Of Crossroads
      • Samantha's Istanbul Day
        Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) • Süleymaniye Camii • Suleymaniye Hammam • Ortakoy • 360 İstanbul • İstiklal Caddesi & Sidestreets • I would stay at: Hotel Ararat
      • While in Istanbul, a visit to a Turkish Bath is a must! I should note that I didn't find the massage entirely relaxing - you're laying on hard marble, so having my ribcage and hip bones pressed into the slabs wasn't ideal - but it's a really interesting experience, and when they first cover you in soap, it feels like you're lying under a cloud (a super cool feeling). The Tellaks (male masseuses) have this down to a science, and work very quickly.
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