• Food Enthusiast's Perfect New York Day
      • Ellen's New York Day
        Drag your butt to Brooklyn for Smorgasburg • Walk back across the Brooklyn bridge • See old Wall St • Xiao Long Bao stop at Joe's Shanghai 鹿鸣春 • Brave the lunch line at Tortaria • Grand Central Terminal • Browse The Frick Collection • Late afternoon stroll on the highline • Dinner at ABC Kitchen • Drinks at The NoMad Hotel • Concert at Terminal 5 • Night out at Riff Raff • Late night Artichoke Basille’s Pizza • I would stay at: Ace Hotel
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      • Budapest
      • Bijal's Budapest Day
        Central Kavehaz • Castle District • Kőleves • Andrassy • Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest • Szépművészeti Múzeum • Klassz Étterem és Borbolt • Doblo • Magyar Állami Operaház • Instant • Holdudvar • Rudas Baths • I would stay at: Gerloczy Rooms deLux
      • Walk to the building to hear music coming out of the windows while you enjoy a drink in the pedestrian only street which is lined with restaurants and cafes.
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      • Amsterdam As A Local
      • Tim's Amsterdam Day
        Greenwoods • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam • Rijksmuseum • Het Molenpad • Mike's Bike Tours Amsterdam • Wynand Fockink • Kantjil & De Tijger • HPS • I would stay at: The Dylan Amsterdam
      • After dinner, make your way to the Nieuwemarkt area and sip some fantastic cocktails in a classy speak easy. Whether you go for a classic Old Fashioned or one of the signature HPS drinks, you won't be disappointed.
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      • Berlin For Culture Hounds, Foodies And Night Owls
      • Rachel B.'s Berlin Day
        Start your day at Datscha, a retro Russian cafe • Take a guided tour of Sammlung Boros, a phenomenal private art collection in a former World War II bunker. • Rent a boat - or just drink beer - at Café am Neuen See, in Berlin's largest park • Order the flammküchen at Chez Gino, a cozy Southern German restaurant. • Listen to techno music underwater at Liquidrom, an urban spa. • Wander around the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which is both moving and artistic. • Snap up last-minute cheap tickets to the Philharmonie Berlin • Make a reservation at Little Otik, a farm-to-table restaurant • Start your night out at Luzia, on Berlin's best bar row. • Stay out too late at Berghain, the wildest dance club in the world • SOHO HOUSE BERLIN
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      • A Little Bit Of Everything In Shanghai
      • Sydney's Shanghai Day
        tianzifang • Take a midday break for a massage at Dragonfly Spa • Lunch at Xibo Xinjiang Rest. 锡伯新疆餐厅 • Haggling at the South Bund Fabric Market • Disc Indoor Karting • 花马天堂 | Yunnan Dinner at Lost Heaven • Listen to some jazz at Cotton Club • I would stay at: URBN Hotel | 雅悦酒店
      • Delicious Uighur food, an ethnic minority from the hills of NW Xinjiang. The menu, like the province, is a mish-mish of Uighur standards: all sorts of meats in all sorts of spices - a safe place to be adventurous with menu choices!
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      • A Little Time In The Trees.
      • Tom's Bokeo Day
        Bokeo Nature Reserve • Gibbon Spotting • Lao Food • Sleep • I would stay at: Bokeo Nature Reserve
      • This is not an ideal excursion for the faint of heart, nor is it an ideal excursion for a single day - it's three days or none at all. Although, I can assure you they will prove to be some of the most gorgeous three days of your life.

        This is an experience for everyone who sat in a treehouse as a child, and was unhappy with the vista it offered: undoubtedly it was something suburban; undoubtedly the only interesting vista was the kids next door jumping on their trampoline.

        Bokeo offers more: a canopy level room, with almost uninterrupted panoramic sight lines, running water, and a little dash of electricity to charge your essentials. There is no reception, so don't even think about trying to call your friends to tell them what a great time you're having. That's not the point. Save it. Savour it.

        The only access to the rooms, and the only way to travel around the park is via zip-line, some of which are half a kilometre long. The lines are suspended anywhere from 60 to 150m above the jungle floor, which means if you are afraid of heights, this will be a resoundingly terrifying experience.
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      • A Perfect Day In Colombo!
      • Trekurious's Colombo Day
        The Dinning Room, Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel • Gangaramaya Temple • 33rd lane • The Gallery Café • Colombo National Museum • Independence Square • Galle Face Hotel • Tintagel • 7 degrees north • I would stay at: Casa Colombo
      • Take a casual stroll to Independence Square. Independence Square has some of the city's best jogging tracks and if you'd like, there are bikes for hire. Strolling along these lovely gardens while enjoying the sweet taste of a vanilla ice cream cone is pure bliss.
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