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      • Fiona's Perfect Day In Chengdu
      • Fiona's 成都 Day
        Longchaoshou • Annvita tea house • Hotspace • Jiuyan Bridge
      • Instead if going to some famous sightseings .I prefer to stay in Annvita tea house with some bosom friends. There we can have some English afternoon tea and some tasty desserts. We also talk about some interesting topics and sometimes go outside to enjoy the rare sunshine in this gloomy city.
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      • My Day In Chengdu
      • iamnyf's 成都 Day
        文殊院 • Chengdu Wuhou Memorial Temple (Southwest Gate) • Jinli • 宽窄巷子 • Chunxi Rd • 九眼桥
      • It is also a famous place in China.An emperor in ancient Chinese history called Liu Bei is buried there.But it is more famous as a place in order to memorialize a famous Prime Minister Zhuge Liang.
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      • My Day In Chengdu
      • 461544895's 成都 Day
        Wen Shuyuan • City Inn Kuan-Zhan Lane·Chengdu • Chengdu Wuhou Memorial Temple (Southeast Gate) • Jinli • chunxi road • jiuyan bridge
      • jiuyan bridge

      • A bridge built in Ming Dynasty and it is famous for many fairy tales one of which is about the fifth whole of the bridge which is said that there is a whole that leads to the sea so many people try to prove it by throwing coins into the water.
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