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      • Wandering The Back Alleys Of Macau
      • jennifer.atswufe's Macau Day
        take a one mile walk or run around the circuit at the Guia Hill park. Afterwards stop on the way down to the Flora Garden main entrance at the little local coffee shop and spend an hour reading while drinking their great milk tea and eating toast • Take a left out of the park's main entrance and head down to the Tap Seac Cultural Area. Poke around in the local boutiques and jewelry shops that line the street behind the library and city archives. Then keep heading south till you reach the St. Lazarus' church square. Check out the local art space located there and don't miss the Portuguese gift shop with it's eclectic gift selection. • Macau Tower 澳門旅遊塔
      • Have dinner at the Singing Bean where you can watch the sunset while having a fabulous piece of Red Velvet Cake or their specialty item: coffee-flavored ice-cream.
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