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        Bokeo Nature Reserve • Gibbon Spotting • Lao Food • Sleep • I would stay at: Bokeo Nature Reserve
      • This is not an ideal excursion for the faint of heart, nor is it an ideal excursion for a single day - it's three days or none at all. Although, I can assure you they will prove to be some of the most gorgeous three days of your life.

        This is an experience for everyone who sat in a treehouse as a child, and was unhappy with the vista it offered: undoubtedly it was something suburban; undoubtedly the only interesting vista was the kids next door jumping on their trampoline.

        Bokeo offers more: a canopy level room, with almost uninterrupted panoramic sight lines, running water, and a little dash of electricity to charge your essentials. There is no reception, so don't even think about trying to call your friends to tell them what a great time you're having. That's not the point. Save it. Savour it.

        The only access to the rooms, and the only way to travel around the park is via zip-line, some of which are half a kilometre long. The lines are suspended anywhere from 60 to 150m above the jungle floor, which means if you are afraid of heights, this will be a resoundingly terrifying experience.
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