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      • Make A Historic Walking Tour Of Moscow
      • Dawn's Moscow Day
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      • Many major and few minor sights in Moscow can be toured with a small group of people by walking. This short walking tour will act as self help guide.

        Moscow, the capital city of Russia, has many major and few lesser known sights that serve perfectly as a walking tour. To successfully complete a walking tour you require energy, determination, and comfortable shoes. The journey can be taken in a small group of people with a trained guide. Generally a walking tour lasts for four to six hours depending upon the itinerary. In this short walking tour as described below the journey lasts for approximately for three hours and include five major locations in the neighbor of Kitai Gorod. You can start your walk from Red Square and finish your walk in Chistiye Prudy.
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      • Moscow Musts
      • Emma's Moscow Day
        breakfast cafe moscow • Алмазный фонд / Diamond Fund • Chips • Gipsy • White Rabbit
      • Ditch your sky high heels for your 90s gear and dance until dawn! Gipsy is a huge club with a diverse crowd that gets seriously into the music. DJ Jazzy Jeff was our MC for the evening, amazing!
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