Most Recent Perfect Days in Taipei City

      • An International And Local Taipei With Jetset Times' Founder, Wendy Hung
      • Wendy's Taipei City Day
        永和豆漿 • 鼎泰豐 - Taipei 101 • 台北101 | Taipei 101 • 台北君悅大飯店 Grand Hyatt Taipei • 誠品信義書店 Eslite Bookstore • Cherry Nails • 通化街 • Mod Public Bar • 錢櫃 Cashbox Party World
      • Sing your heart out! Only in Asia is karaoke the best way to end the night. I love getting together with my family and friends, rehash on some of my favorite tunes in Mandarin and Japanese. Cashbox also has a fantastic menu, their beef noodle soup is one of the best!
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