Most Recent Perfect Days in Istanbul

      • See, Eat And Dance In Istanbul!
      • Josiah's Istanbul Day
        Wander through the spice bazaar • Lunch at Hamdi Restaurant • Tour the Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) • Explore Sultahnamet Camii • Relax at Cemberlitas Hamami • Dinner and drinks at 360 Istanbul • Party on Asmali Mescit • Late night food @ Kizilkayalar
      • Much less touristy than the Grand Bazaar and full of delicious nuts, fruits, spices and Turkish Delight!
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      • A City Of Crossroads
      • Samantha's Istanbul Day
        Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) • Süleymaniye Camii • Suleymaniye Hammam • Ortakoy • 360 İstanbul • İstiklal Caddesi & Sidestreets • I would stay at: Hotel Ararat
      • While in Istanbul, a visit to a Turkish Bath is a must! I should note that I didn't find the massage entirely relaxing - you're laying on hard marble, so having my ribcage and hip bones pressed into the slabs wasn't ideal - but it's a really interesting experience, and when they first cover you in soap, it feels like you're lying under a cloud (a super cool feeling). The Tellaks (male masseuses) have this down to a science, and work very quickly.
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