Most Recent Perfect Days in New Orleans

      • New Orleans In July
      • Oskar's New Orleans Day
        Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar • Lafayette Cemetary • Cafe Du Monde • Nap Time • Mother's Restaurant • The French Quarter • Pat O'Brien's • The Spotted Cat Music Club
      • Tugged away in a lonely side street, away from the buzz of downtown New Orleans, Surreys is a great place to start your day. It's the down to earth local brunch place, serving providing you with your Eggs Benedict fix every day of the week.
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      • Thinking Outside The French Quarter
      • Raphaela's New Orleans Day
        Satsuma • Blue Dream • The Orange Couch • Audubon Park • Cochon • Bar Tonique • three muses • Gene's Poboys and Daiquiris • Saturn Bar • Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand • I would stay at: Royal Street Inn & Bar
      • Grab a cup of coffee before wandering around the historic Marigny neighborhood.
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