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        Caffe Florian • St. Mark's Square • St. Mark's Basilica • St. Mark's Campanile • Palazzo Ducale • Bridge of Sighs • Cantina do Spade • Rialto Bridge • Alla Ciurma • San Giorgio Maggiore • Venice's Jewish Ghetto • Gam Gam • Cantina do Moriat at Calle dei Do Mori, 429 San Polo • Osteria Bancogiro at Campo San Giacometto 122 • Ostaria Boccadoro
      • Cannaregio is home to the Il Ghetto, Venice’s Jewish neighborhood. This area was made famous by Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, which featured a Venetian merchant Jew and his family! It is now a historical neighborhood where a small, slowly diminishing Jewish community still resides. An interesting tidbit to take note of here is that Venetian laws forbade the building of separate synagogues, so the synagogues are build on the top floors of the buildings instead. Check out the Holocaust memorials on both sides of the Casa di Riposa building.
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